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You... You dare... Plan ruined. Important plan. Needed labor. Opened vortex. Found workforce. Brought here. And yet? Error made. Irksome, pink contaminant... Careful planning. Now wasted. No more planning. No more patience. Instead... EVERYTHING. SHALL BE. CONSUMED.
~ Fecto Elfilis as Fecto Forgo, before escaping containment and assimilating Leongar and other members of the Beast Pack.

Fecto Elfilis, also known as Specimen ID-F86 and Fecto Forgo, is the main antagonist of Kirby and the Forgotten Land. They are an alien entity trapped on the Forgotten Land who is searching for their good half, Elfilin, with the intent of regaining their full power and conquering the universe. They are also the figurehead of Leongar and the Beast Pack.

What Makes Them Pure Evil?

  • They aim to conquer and assimilate any planet they can.
  • They invaded the Forgotten Land and threatened all wildlife on the planet before their capture.
  • Elfilin is their good, compassionate and caring half, so, when merged with him, they have the capacity to do good, show compassion and to care for others, but they choose to ignore all of them, thus, showing they have moral agency.
  • They brainwashed Leongar into serving them and formed the Beast Pack in attempt to find Elfilin after he was separated from them.
  • They opened a wormhole towards Planet Popstar in order to find a supply of Waddle Dees to enslave for labor and had the Beast Pack capture hundreds of them for this purpose.
  • They brainwashed King Dedede into capturing the Waddle Dees. King Dedede is also shown to care deeply about the Waddle Dees, which makes this action worse.
  • They also attempted to brainwash Meta Knight, but Meta Knight was able to fight it off with his willpower. The collision, however, resulted in the creation of Phantom Meta Knight.
  • After Leongar failed to defeat Kirby, they decided to drop their sleeping act and mercilessly assimilate Leongar and other nearby members of the Beast Pack, which would eventually result in their deaths. Although Leongar was eventually revived, it's never confirmed that the others were too, which doubles this crime as a mass murder.
  • After being defeated by Kirby, they attempted to absorb him. They then managed to succeed in absorbing Elfilin against his will, thus restoring themselves to their original form.
  • After being defeated by Kirby again and losing Elfilin, they attempt to collide Planet Popstar and the Forgotten Land together out of spite, which would have resulted in the deaths of billions and the total extinction of all life on both worlds. This last resort attack also exceeds the heinous actions of other main antagonists as not only is it more destructive, but it is mainly directed towards murdering Kirby, which really shows the heinous extent Fecto Elfilis would go to just to destroy and spite Kirby.
  • After their physical death, they escaped to the dream world and shattered Leongar's soul into 300 pieces so they could use his empty, lifeless body as a vessel. They also created an army of powerful phantom clones of the Beast Pack to lead in invading the planet once they were ready to try again.
  • After Leongar was revived, they possessed him in order to have another chance at achieving their ambitions. When that failed, they once again tried to attack Kirby, but was stopped thanks to Morpho Knight assimilating their soul.
    • After Morpho Knight was defeated, they turn the tables and absorb its power in order to have a final shot at achieving their ambitions and to get revenge on Kirby.
  • While on first/blind playthrough one could see Fecto Elfilis as tragic since they were captured and experimented on by the Lab Discovera research team before making them a tourist attraction, and also left them behind when they and the rest of the Forgotten Land’s population left, subsequent playthroughs make it apparent that they brought it onto themselves by attacking the Forgotten Land and endangering all life on it in the first place.
  • Even though other main antagonists have attempted to do heinous acts such as omnicide or mass murder at the billion level, their methods to achieve their goals aren't as cruel as Fecto Elfilis' are, nor do they have the resources to do so. Fecto Elfilis' methods of painfully/fatally assimilating multiple subjects exceeds Star Dream's towards Haltmann.
  • Unlike most other antagonists who had moral agency issues like Queen Sectonia, Star Dream, Hyness and Void Termina, Fecto Elfilis has none as they have a clear personality and managed to show intelligence even when they were in their separated, incomplete larva form.
    • As for the fact that Fecto Forgo is the manifestation of Elfilin being lost, Fecto Elfilis already was proven to attack the Forgotten Land once they arrived. This suggests that they already had sinister intentions despite having the capability of showing compassion.
  • Although the English version states that Fecto Elfilis "willingly" merged with Elfilin as a benevolent being, raising the question of what their intentions were, this was only a bare piece of their essence after their soul itself was shattered, raising serious doubts that what little was left of them was sapient enough to make a conscience decision or have a particular motive. If anything, they were destroyed so thoroughly that what was left of their essence was left only with the primal instinct of returning to Elfilin since they were two parts of the same being, but without any malicious intent since the being it belonged to was destroyed. Besides that, the Japanese version states that their soul was reborn into a mote of light. This would mean that Fecto Elfilis was definitively dead, and thus whatever merged with Elfilin was a different, reborn being, still making Fecto Elfilis Pure Evil due to having no redeemable intentions.


  • Fecto Elfilis is, alongside ENeMeE, one of the two Kirby villains to be Pure Evil.
    • Fecto Elfilis is also the first and currently only Kirby Pure Evil to originate from a game.

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