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I'm the game maker. I derive the best strategy by considering every possibility. Everything is going as planned.
~ Blood Stalk to Night Rogue.
Even if I had never come to Earth, you people would have found yourselves causing another war soon enough. I remember telling you this before. Science always ends up causing destruction! Scientific advancement makes life more convenient, and people start to take things for granted. Before they know it, they will find themselves embroiled in war. That's the future...that science promises!
~ Kamen Rider Evol's speech to Build.
Your faces full of despair are delightful! I may as well take the chance to savor the horror you will feel as your life inevitably reaches its end.
~ Evolt as he is destroying Earth with one of his black holes.

Evolt is a mysterious extraterrestrial entity who devoured countless planets across the cosmos and the main antagonist of Kamen Rider Build. He initially appears as Blood Stalk, one of the leaders of the Faust organization and a subordinate of Night Rogue, but is eventually revealed to be manipulating all sides of the Japanese Civil War towards his own goal of constructing the Pandora Tower and using it to wipe out all life on Earth.

In truth, he is a member of an enigmatic extraterrestrial clan known as the Blood Tribe who uses the Evol Driver to transform into Kamen Rider Evol and the one who annihilated the ancient civilization on Mars long ago using the power of the Pandora Box. After lying dormant on Mars for millions of years following his battle with the Martian Queen Vernage, Evolt split off some of his genes and sent them to Earth on an unmanned probe, where he corrupted the womb of Yuri Banjo to sire her unborn son Ryuga into his future host. Evolt later took over the body of astronaut Soichi Isurugi when he discovered the Pandora Box on Mars during Project Prominence and used him to trigger the Skywall Disaster that separated Japan into Touto, Hokuto and Seito. As Soichi Isurugi, Evolt co-founded the Faust organization with Touto government aide Gentoku Himuro and infamous physicist Takumi Katsuragi secretly in order to regain his former power, in the process gaining a Transteam Gun which allows him to transform into Blood Stalk.

Evolt eventually re-obtains and fixes his Evol-Driver, granting him the power to transform into Kamen Rider Evol once again. From there, Evolt completes the Evol Trigger and uses it to assume his Black Hole form, the form with which he used to annihilate Mars. Evolt then begins working to complete the Black Pandora Panel with the 10 Lost Fullbottles so he can absorb it to achieve his complete form, allowing him to move planet-to-planet via warp travel to consume them without having to expend a large amount of energy in order to travel across space. With this power, Evolt intends to destroy everything in the galaxy and leave only himself to create a "new world".

In addition to serving as the main antagonist of Build, Evolt also serves as a background character in its summer movie Kamen Rider Build: Be The One, where he is revealed to have received help from three other members of the Blood Tribe in instigating the Japanese Civil War. Following his apparent demise at the end of the series, Evolt returns in the Direct-To-DVD movie Kamen Rider Build NEW WORLD: Cross-Z as a reluctant ally, temporarily teaming up with Team Build to stop his psychotic older brother Killbus, who sought to destroy the entire universe. He also serves as the unseen overarching antagonist of Kamen Rider Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Grease, having been behind the experiments done by Faust on the film's main antagonist Keiji Uraga, to extract the Zebra Lost Bottle in the Old World.

He was voiced by Tetsuo Kanao. As Soichi Isurugi, he was portrayed by Yasuyuki Maekawa. As Masakuni Mido, he was portrayed by Norimasa Fuke. In the Korean Dub, he is voiced by Eung-Sik Min.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Devoured countless planets across the universe and destroyed numerous civilizations, including the people of Mars
  • Caused the Sky Wall Disaster while possessing Soichi Ishirugi and framing him for it.
  • Before the series, sent a sample of his own genes to Earth, which went into Ryuga's mother and legally raped her to corrupt her womb with his DNA. She later gave birth to Ryuga, who appears to be Evolt's biological son because of it.
  • Planned to consume Earth by forming Faust. He even managed to get Shinobu Katsuragi to make bottles that were programmed after asking Soichi 30 things that his daughter likes and another 30 that could destroy them.
  • Knocked out Takumi (before he was reborn Sento Kiryu) for betraying Faust.
  • Framed Ryuga Banjo after killing his parents and made it appear as an accident.
  • Helped Gentoku (before he became Night Rogue) to kill Ryuga's girlfriend, by turning her into a Smash and later betrayed him to look for Pandora's Box and torment Sento even more after finding out Soichi is Blood Stalk.
  • Instigated a civil war in Japan in order to level up the Kamen Riders, resulting in numerous deaths and widespread destruction.
  • Betrayed the minister of Hokuto, causing Seito to take over. He kills the PM of Seito and invites Juzaburo Namba to take over by identity theft, providing Namba Heavy Industries an advantage in the war.
  • Recreated the Pandora Tower to consume more of Earth.
  • Poisoned Sento Kiryu during his fight with Ryuga Banjo and Kazumin Satawari.
  • Planned to put all he bottles together and forming Pandora's Box, only to reclaim the Evol driver before destroying Earth.
  • Launched an attack on Touto. Sento sacrificed himself to destroy Evolto in vain, with Evolto possessing his body.
  • Drained the energy from the remaining Riders to transform into his final phase, Black Hole Phase Final.
  • Betrayed Namba Heavy Industries and killed Juzaburo Namba, usurping control of the company.
  • Molded Nariaki Utsumi to become his servant by psychologically abusing him.
  • Experimented on the Japanese Civil War survivors and transformed them into Lost Smashes which would be beaten by the Lost Guardians to complete the Bottles.
  • Attempted to turn Kamen Rider Build into a Lost Smash or kill him.
  • Returned to his true alien form and consumed a planet with his black hole abilities as a show of force.
  • Planned to consume Earth to gain more power and recreate the universe in his own image.
  • Split his genes, turning them into Lost Smashes to kill Kazumi, Utsumi and Gentoku for their treachery.
  • Destroyed a section of Japan with his black holes for every ten minutes the Kamen Riders didn't make it to his location at the Pandora Tower.
  • Attempted to consume the Earth slowly with his black hole so he could enjoy the despair on Sento, Ryuga, Misora and Sawa's faces for longer.
  • Despite teaming with Ryuga to become Cross-Z Evol against Killbus, Evolto makes it clear that despite all the help he's done against his brother, he doesn't seek gratitude or remorse and wishes to destroy Earth once more should he make his full recovery.

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