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Evil Izuku is the main antagonist of the Spanish-language My Hero Academia fanfiction Izuku Esta Muerto (or Izuku Is Dead).


Before the real Izuku's death, All For One decided to extract 25% of his DNA, along with DNA from Stain, Nana Shimura, and the AFO himself. After Izuku's death, AFO would use a machine to clone that Izuku along with the DNA of all those people and train him for an unknown time, until he finally became a super powerful being. Shortly after AFO's defeat, he would be taken to Tartarus, but Evil Izuku slaughtered all the guards who were in the place to meet his master again. AFO thought for a moment that Izuku would release him, however, what was not expected was that Izuku would hit him so powerful in the stomach that it made him writhe in pain, then he would use Stain's quirk to lick AFO's blood and cause him to remain immobile on the ground, and Izuku tells his creator that he plans to recreate the world in his own image by eliminating the false heroes and villains so that, at least in his own words, there is no more criminality. He finally kills him.

Izuku later massacres a large number of heroes, villains and gangs throughout Japan to make the entire world understand of his presence, and that he plans to destroy all false heroes and villains to create his perfect world. Class 1-A, who had already gotten over Izuku's death at this point and had accepted Toga as another member of the class (since in this story, Toga was Deku-kun's childhood friend) felt the same feeling of despair and sadness to see that "Izuku" had returned no longer as the hero they knew, but nothing more than a vile villain. During an argument between Uraraka and Bakugo, Evil Izuku infiltrates the place and knocks Uraraka unconscious while using Stain's quirk to immobilize Bakugo, while Evil Izuku taunts Bakugo and takes Uraraka to "have fun with her".

Later he takes Uraraka to his hiding place and reveals to her how it had originated, Uraraka thought that there was a minimal possibility of reasoning with him to put aside his evil ways, but it was useless when he realized that the person with the What was being seen was not the true izuku, but a vile monster that, as a result of its monstrosity, just by illuminating the area in which it was found, out of nowhere a large number of women of Uraraka's age appeared in the Instead, all of her had been kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered by Evil Izuku just to see if her heart raced, but none satisfied him, so he decided to kill them all, and now that he had Uraraka in front of him, the freckled decided to see If she really raised his heart. Evil Izuku began to kiss him forcibly, to suck his whole body, to massage his breasts, make Uraraka moan with excitement and being about to insert his hands into the girl's panties.

Fortunately, before Evil Izuku could continue his sexual abuse, Class 1-A and the Big Three would appear to stop Evil Izuku once and for all. All of them would devise a strategy to see if with that they could defeat Evil Izuku, but it turned out to be useless when that strategy did not work and Evil Izuku would continue to mercilessly beat everyone who was present in the place. Miraculously before he could triumph and fulfill his crazy dream, Bakugo along with the help of the soul of the true Izuku (since at this point Bakugo had already inherited the One For All), he would face Evil Izuku and, thanks to the power that Bakugo he was receiving, along with all the help he received from his peers, they were giving him a huge advantage. Evil Izuku is filled with fury when he sees that he is being overcome and decides to use all his power to finish once and for all with Bakugo and the rest, and Bakugo using all his power, along with the help of his classmates from class 1-A, along with the Big Three and the One For All wielders, would finally counter the powers of Evil Izuku, and Bakugo kills him with his most powerful blow, ending once and for all the monstrous Izuku.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He slaughtered all of the Tartarus guards, possibly dozens, if not hundreds, just to be reunited with his master, All For One.
  • Once he is reunited with his master, Evil Izuku brutally and sadistically kills him causing him to feel immense pain before killing him.
  • He massacres a large number of heroes and villains throughout Japan (including his master All For One) just to let the world know of his presence, and then he announces his desire to exterminate all the false heroes and villains in the world so that there are no more criminals.
    • However, this does not make him an extremist in any way, as Evil Izuku only wishes to do this to satisfy his own ego and desire for power by recreating the world in his own image.
  • He kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered several teenage women just to satisfy his own perversion just to further demonstrating his hypocrisy.
  • Kidnapped and was about to rape Ochako Uraraka just to see if it would satisfy his perversion.
  • He tried to kill all the members of Class 1-A, along with the Big Three when they tried to stop him.
  • In general, this version of Izuku is the complete opposite of the real Izuku, who is kind-hearted, kind, selfless, friendly, heroic, and incorruptible, this version of Izuku is irredeemable, sadistic, ruthless, selfish, and completely evil.


  • He is the only My Hero Academia Pure Evil to appear in fanfics.


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