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Me? I'm not the one who passed out drunk and let Max almost drown in the pond. If it wasn't for John, she'd be dead. And you'd probably still be in jail.
~ Esther/Leena to Kate Coleman.
Hello, My name is Esther!
~ Esther's famous catchphrase.

Esther Coleman (real name: Leena Klammer) is the titular main antagonist of the 2009 horror film Orphan and will return as the titular protagonist of its upcoming prequel Orphan: First Kill.

She's presumed to be a 9-year-old Russian girl who now has a foster family named The Colemans (Kate Coleman, John Coleman, Max Coleman and Daniel Coleman). However, she's actually a 33-year-old Estonian woman and she has a hypo pituitary disorder that makes her look much younger than she actually is.

She was portrayed by Isabelle Fuhrman.

What Makes Her Pure Evil?

  • Spends years concealing her status as a violent 33 year old dwarf named Leena Klammer. She has killed seven staff members in an asylum and poses as a child to unsuspecting families, killing them when she fails to seduce the father. Two families were wiped out.
  • Pushed a bully off a slide, breaking her ankle. While she made a racist joke at her expense it is a pitiful provocation especially due to Leena's real age.
  • Tried to get young Max to play Russian Roulette.
  • Pushed Max on the road to stop a suspicious nun so she can kill her with a hammer.
  • It's implied she was the one responsible for tragedies that happened in the orphanage she was living in.
  • Lied to Kate about being ignorant as to how to play the piano and puts a lie on top of it when Kate overhears her playing.
  • Threatened to castrate the family son Daniel with a box cutter if he told anyone what he saw.
  • When Daniel accidentally injures a pigeon with his paintball gun, she offers him to "end its suffering" by crush the pigeon with a rock, and when the latter refuses, she does it herself, horrifying him.
  • Read a page of Kate's secret diary about the stillborn baby to Kate out loud.
  • Desecrated the monument of the stillborn and gave the flowers to Kate as a "gift" to provoke her on purpose and made it look like Kate broke her arm when she grabbed her.
  • Turning off the emergency brake on Kate’s car and put it on neutral, risking Max to get killed in a road accident, then threatens to shoot Kate if Max told her what really happened.
  • Lit Daniel’s treehouse on fire and locked him inside when he found evidence that she killed the nun, then nearly killed him in person before Max's fortuitous arrival.
  • Nearly killed Daniel while he was in ICU.
  • Killed John when he refused her advances and then tried to kill Kate.
  • Attempted to kill Max once she witnessed her killing John, making her one redeeming quality (caring for Max) completely obsolete and non-existent.
  • Begged to have Kate pull her out of the frozen lake with a knife behind her back, and when Kate saves Esther, she grabs the knife and stabs Kate, and kills her.
  • In an alternate ending, Leena puts on intricate prosthetics to appear mutilated, although her motive and its consequences are left to viewers' imaginations.


  • While Esther Coleman is currently Pure Evil, there's a possibility that this may change once Orphan: First Kill, the upcoming prequel to Orphan, is released.
  • In the original script, Esther was sexually abused by her father, who she later killed along with his lover. If made canon, she could be made sympathetic and tragic and be disqualified from being a Pure Evil.

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