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You came across me so many times and yet you never saw me. Le Chiffre, Greene, Silva... A nice pattern developed, you interfered in my world, I destroyed yours. Or did you think it was coincidence that all the women in your life ended up dead? Vesper Lynd for example, she was the big one, has he told you about her? And then, of course, your beloved M, gone forever. Me! It was all me, James. It's always been me: the author of all your pain!
~ Blofeld bragging about the pain he has inflicted upon Bond

Ernst Stavro Blofeld is the main antagonist of the James Bond series with Daniel Craig, serving as the unseen overarching antagonist of Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, the main antagonist of Spectre and the overarching antagonist in No Time to Die.

He is the founder of the terrorist organization SPECTRE. He is the adoptive brother of James Bond and his archenemy, having been behind of most of his adventures and indirectly responsible for the deaths of Vesper Lynd and M, two of the most important women in Bond's life.

He was portrayed by Christoph Waltz.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He murdered his own father soon after adopting James Bond during his childhood, and made it look like it was caused by an avalanche.
  • He is responsible for founding and leading SPECTRE, a deadly criminal organization that finances and facilitates terrorism around the globe, allies with interested parties to topple governments, prolong civil wars, and hording natural resources to satisfy SPECTRE's chances for world domination.
  • He orchestrated a series of terrorist attacks through his agents Le Chiffre, Dominic Greene and Raoul Silva, resulting in the deaths of several of Bond's allies: Vesper Lynd, Strawberry Fields, Rene Mathias, Severine, and M.
    • Whilst he does order White to kill Le Chiffre for the latter's failure to pay back money that he lost in a game to Bond, he doesn't do it to save Bond but rather that he saw Le Chiffre as unworthy. To be fair, White saving Bond was more of a coincidence, as Le Chiffre could have killed Bond if White had arrived late.
    • Whilst he does order the death of Greene in the middle of a desert after learning that the latter spilled out secrets about Quantum to Bond, he doesn't do it to give Greene his karma, but because he leaked info about Quantum and Spectre.
    • If Blood Stone is a canonical game, then it's very likely that he's the one who was behind Nicole Hunter (Who torture few influential scientists to get information for him.) and Stefan Pomerov (Who tried to create bioweapons, what potentially may be used to kill many people.).
  • He promoted human trafficking as he sold hundreds of thousands of women and children into sex slavery to feed SPECTRE's accounts. This was so horrific that White tried to leave the organization because he felt it was going too far, to which Blofeld responded by poisoning White with thallium, driving White to commit suicide.
  • He attempts to have Bond assassinated multiple times via Mr. Hinx.
  • He ordered and funded the creation of the Nine Eyes Program as a means of gaining control over every single worldwide major intelligence and surveillance system, which will allow SPECTRE to anticipate and counteract investigations into their operations.
  • He tortures Bond using a surgical drill to penetrate his head, suggesting it will render him unable to recognize anybody.
  • He attempted to have both Bond and White's daughter Madeleine Swann killed in a building rigged with explosives, holding Swann captive in the building forcing Bond to search for her.
  • Following his arrest, he secretly staged an assassination attempt on Bond and Swann, including bombing Vesper Lynd's grave, and framed Swann for it and making it seem that she betrayed Bond, causing a fallout between both Bond and Swann and severing their relationship.
  • He staged an attempt to have Bond murdered with the usage of nanobots by setting a trap in his last meeting with his remaining SPECTRE members while still in custody. However, the nanobots were reprogrammed by Safin to kill all the SPECTRE members instead, something which both Bond and Blofeld didn't expect. However, Blofeld showed no concern over the losses of his remaining members and the dismantling of SPECTRE.
  • He had Lyutsifer Safin's entire family murdered by holding a banquet in their honor and poisoning them when he was just a boy, likely as a result of not trusting them or because of envy for Safin's loving parents. Despite surviving, Safin himself was still left scared and in a lot of pain as a result, and this incident ended up being the catalyst for him becoming the twisted and dangerous terrorist leader he is in the present, to the point he became as bad as Blofeld himself.
  • In his holding cell, Blofeld (in a final act of spite), instead of saying any information about Safin, confessed to arranging the assassination attempt and framing Swann for it, provoking an angry Bond to attack him. However, Bond was unknowingly infected with nanobots by Safin, resulting in Blofeld getting killed by the nanobots.
    • While it was a brutal death, he deserved it for the amount of pain he inflicted on James, Safin and many others.
  • In general, Blofeld responsible for every villain in every Daniel Craig's Bond film (Mr. White, Le Ciffre, Dominic Green and Raoul Silva was his agents, while Lyutsifer Safin turned evil because Mr. White killed his parents, as Blofeld ordered.).


  • Ernst Stavro Blofeld is, alongside Le Chiffre, Dominic Greene, General Medrano and Valdo Obruchev, one of the five villains from the Daniel Craig era to be Pure Evil. He is the only one to appear in more than one film.
  • He is one of the two versions of Blofeld to be Pure Evil, the other being his classic film counterpart.
  • He shares some similarities with Prince Kaalmar from Ninjago as they both killed their fathers due to them feeling as if they favored their adopted son over them, however the only difference is that Blofeld did this out of envy, Kalmaar did this just to usurp the throne.

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