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I am the great emperor of the Kushan Empire. I control the vastest territory in the world. I will not relinquish it. Even if it is smeared with blood and defiled, this world belongs to me. I will reign over this unclean world as a demon king... And rebel against god.
~ Emperor Ganishka going against God Hand.

Emperor Ganishka (in Japanese: ガニシュカ) was the main antagonist of the Falcon of the Millennium Empire Arc of the Berserk series. He was the tyrannical head of the Kushan nation. He was one of the few Apostles to oppose the God Hand. Behind his horrid monstrosity and bloodlust, lies a deeply disturbed and even troubled individual whose life had been a terrible struggle for survival, which was wrought with distrust, treachery, bloodshed, manipulation, violence, and purge.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • After his mother tried to kill him when he was six with poisoned wine so his younger brother to become the next heir, Ganishka killed his entirely innocent younger brother as revenge. This drove his mother into enough grief to kill herself.
  • To become the emperor himself, he engineered an assassination where his father's elephant went chaotic after being struck by a poisoned dart. He later killed the assassin to keep the murder a secret.
  • He used war as an excuse to protect himself from danger, viewing to conquer the entire planet to ensure his safety.
  • Despite being forced into marriage as per tradition, he purposely abandoned his wife and son to focus on his wars.
  • When Ganishka's son attempted to kill him out of fear of his father's paranoia, he used a Beherit to become a demonic Apostle and sacrifice his son so he wouldn't die.
  • He committed mass ethnic cleansing, even on his own land. On one occasion, he forced the female prisoners to watch, as their male friends and families, were buried in a pit, covered with oil and then burnt alive despite their pleas.
  • He captured the populations of his enemies, having them tortured, enslaved, or drafted into his army to serve as cannon fodder.
  • Even other demonic apostles are not safe from his cruelty as he captured hundreds of them and then stitched their still-living bodies to make a Man-Made Beherit.
  • Ganishka used the Man-Made Beherit by having hundreds of thousands of pregnant women, impregnated by his soldiers, bathe in it, mutating their unborn babies into the half-human half demon, Dakas, who burst out of their mothers' stomachs.
    • The rapidly maturing Dakas are taught to consume human flesh and serve Ganishka as terror troops, kept in line with mind control.
  • Ganishka corrupts animals with his demonic powers to turn them into Pishacha, human/animal abominations to serve in his army.
  • He mind-controls his troops to commit suicide to prevent them from being falling into enemy hands.
  • After capturing Midland, he held Princess Charlotte against her will and attempted to conceive a child with her, supposedly to solidify his rule over Midland, his thoughts reveal that this is also for entertainment.
  • After capturing Midland, he has much of its people killed in agonizing ways such as being slowly lowered into a pit of starving crocodiles for Ganishka's amusement.
  • Midland's capital, Wyndham was turned into a city of demons: fog was everywhere, cadavers were impaled or hung on rooftops, art was defaced and body parts littered the city.
  • Despite agreeing to a ceasefire with Griffith and his Band of the Hawks, he has himself exposed to the Man-Made Beherit to obtain complete immortality and become more powerful than the God Hand, reincarnating him into Shiva.
  • As Shiva, he crushes all of Wyndham and his own army under his colossal feet, turning the latter into extensions of himself.
  • Even after his death, Shiva causes chaos in the world after becoming the World Spiral Tree by undermining the balance between reality and fantasy.
  • Whilst he does have a mildly tragic backstory, as the above info shows, it doesn't come to a fraction to explaining his innumerable atrocities.

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