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You've given me much pleasure Domino, but unless you tell me how much Bond knows, I will be forced to cause you great pain.
~ Largo threatening Domino Vitali

Emilio Largo is the main antagonist of the James Bond novel Thunderball and its 1965 film adaptation.

He is a ruthless gangster working for the terrorist organization SPECTRE, and the right-hand man of the organization's leader, Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

He was portrayed by the late Adolfo Celi, and his voice was dubbed during post-production by the late Robert Rietti.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He has decades of racketeering, theft, extortion, and murder to his credit.
  • When Blofeld electrocutes SPECTRE 9, every other member is shocked. But Largo shows no remorse.
  • Has a pilot murdered to have an agent steal their identity then when he shows up underwater, he wields his diving knife. But instead of cutting the seat belts that the pilot was strapped into, he drowns the man by personally severing his air tube when he's stuck underwater due to asking for more money.
  • Steals two nuclear warheads and threatens to use them to destroy a random country of their choice to blackmail NATO into paying them millions of dollars.
  • Executes a henchman by feeding him to sharks, then later traps another one in the pool with them in order to make sure he gets rid of Bond when they both fall in.
  • He specializes in torture, and had Bond's fellow agent, Paula Caplan, kidnapped with the intent of interrogating her by doing so. It was so bad that she took a cyanide pill to commit suicide before he could.
  • When his ransom wasn't met on time, it was revealed that he was going to have Miami nuked with the stolen warheads.
  • Tries to torture Domino as punishment for helping Bond.


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