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Caesar had his legions, Napoleon had his armies, I have my divisions. TV, news, magazines. And by midnight I'll have reached and influenced more people than anyone in the history of this planet, save God Himself. And the best he ever managed was the Sermon on the Mount.
~ Carver bragging about his evil plan

Elliot Carver is the main antagonist in the 1997 James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies.

He was portrayed by Jonathan Pryce, who also played Mr. Dark in Something Wicked This Way Comes.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • As the head of the Carver Media Group Network, he is responsible for creating worldwide chaos just to enrich himself, some instances of which are very serious and/or involve the deaths of many innocent people, such as floods in Pakistan, riots in Paris, and a plane crash in California.
  • Planned to release software that was full of bugs so that people would be forced to require upgrade for years.
  • Planned to blackmail a President by threatening to release a tape of him with a cheerleader in a motel room in order to force him sign a bill to lower the cable rates, then release the tape even after he signs the bill.
  • Attempted to provoke a war between the United Kingdom and China in order to destroy the Chinese government via missile, allowing him to make a deal with the new government to obtain exclusive broadcasting rights in China.
  • Kicked off tensions between the UK and China by sinking a British ship called HMS Devonshire, had his henchmen, lead by Terence Stamper, ruthlessly gun down the survivors, and framed it on China.
  • Attempted to rise to omniscient power in order to gain a worldwide leadership more powerful than tyranny.
  • Had his own wife killed after he found out she was helping Bond, which means his hatred for Bond was stronger than any love he could feel for anyone.
  • Threatens to have James Bond and Wai Lin brutally tortured by Stamper.
  • Shoots Henry Gupta when he "outlives his contract".
  • While he has some comedic moments, his crimes are taken seriously.


  • Elliot Carver is, alongside Xenia Onatopp, one of two James Bond villains from the Pierce Brosnan era to be Pure Evil.

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