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Edward Wade is a major antagonist in the video game Hitman: Absolution. He is an international mercenary and hitman. He is also the long time friend of Blake Dexter and Dominic Osmond.

He was voiced by Larry Cedar.


Wade was a mercenary and hitman for the Colombian drug cartels for over a decade before deciding to become an international mercenary and hitman. At some point in his life he befriended Blake Dexter and Dom Osmond, and became a henchman for Dexter. Dexter learnt about Victoria and offered Wade $35,000 for him and Dexter's son Lenny to find and kidnap Victoria and give her to Dexter. Wade tracked her down to Rosewood Orphanage in Chicago, and then kidnapped her and set a trap to lure 47 there and then kill him, massacring countless nuns and and security guards in the process. This fails, and results in 47 killing him by either burning his face with a furnace and finishing him off, or by shooting him in point shooting.

What Makes Him Pure Evil

  • He has murdered hundreds of people over the span of a decade purely for the bloodlust of it.
  • He hires the most sadistic murders and tortures imaginable to wreak havoc with him, with his only condition being that he is the one to do the most depraved deeds. He also doesn't care for them at all, leaving them to die just so he can have a shootout with 47.
  • He is a complete psychopath with 0 regard for others and murders anyone unlucky enough to cross paths with him.
  • He, Dom Osmond, and possibly Blake Dexter, like to rape and kill strippers by "sending them to Hawaii".
  • His association with Blake Dexter is completely driven by greed and sadism, as Dexter provides Wade with numerous people to murder. There's no evidence he has any respect or care for Dexter whatsoever.
  • He is psychologically abusive towards Blake Dexter's son Lenny, constantly calling him "Limp Dick Lenny", forcing him to kill a nun and laughing about it when he does it by accident.
  • He slaughtered countless nuns and security guards just to kidnap Victoria.
  • He would most likely have killed children if they were there, but they were all on a field trip so he couldn't.
  • He kidnapped Victoria in order to sell her to Blake Dexter, not caring that she was a teenage girl that would have been subject to human experimentation if the transaction had completed.
  • He is a necrophile, as he threatens to rape 47's corpse when and if he kills him.
  • He is probably a sadomasochist, as he gets an erection when 47 kills him.

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