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Please don't think that you can starve yourself to death because you're not going to escape me like that. I just won't let it happen. I'll just go out and I'll get a rubber tube and I'll shove it down your throat so that I can pump baby food into your stomach. Now let's see, what would I put on a menu like that? Um, do you like pureed peas, crushed up carrots? Oh I know, l-l-l-lima beans?
~ Edgler Vess while torturing Chyna

Edgler Vess is the main antagonist of the 1992 Dean Koontz novel Intensity and the 1997 television adaptation. He is a nihilistic, psychopathic serial killer who indiscriminately rapes, tortures, and murders dozens of people in order to enjoy the pure sensation of it.

In the 1997 television film adaptation, he is portrayed by John C. McGinley.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil

  • He murdered his own parents.
  • He has tortured, raped, and murdered dozens of people for fun.
  • He slaughters the Templeton family.
  • He rapes and murders Laura Templeton.
  • He kidnaps Chyna Shepard and tortures her for hours.
  • He kidnaps a little girl named Ariel, presumably planning to rape, torture, and kill her.
  • He tries to force Chyna to help him torture Ariel.
  • He sics a pack of Doberman Pincers on Chyna and Ariel when they try to escape.
  • He tries to kill Chyna.

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