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In all destruction, there is a new beginning. Beautiful. You know, the unfinished symphony, right? The server will be at peace now.
~ Dream to Tommy after destroying L'Manburg.
If I can control the things that people are attached to, then I can control the server again! Because this isn't TOMMY SMP, or TUBBO SMP, THIS IS DREAM SMP, right?! So I can control the server if I have everything that everybody cares about! That everybody's EVER cared about! I can control everything, alright? I can turn the server back to what it USED to be!
~ Dream revealing his collection of items belonging to people on the server to Tommy and Tubbo to use as blackmail.

Dream is the titular main antagonist of the Minecraft web series Dream SMP.

He appears as one of the two main antagonists (alongside Jschlatt) of Season 1, the main antagonist of Season 2 and 4, and one of the main antagonists (alongside BadBoyHalo and Awesamdude) of season 3.

He is the founder of the Dream SMP and the owner of the faction of the same name. Dream brands himself a peaceful individual, when in reality he is an extremely arrogant and manipulative person who has committed numerous acts against many people in the SMP and gone to extreme measures to ensure his plans come to fruition.

After the events of the rebellion against Manburg and TommyInnit's numerous antics, Dream became more and more unhinged and obsessive and has gone to even more torturous and downright manipulative tactics to try and keep Tommy from further damaging his reputation as a leader and his control over the server. He is TommyInnit and Quackity's archenemy.

He is portrayed by the YouTuber of the same name and should not be confused with him.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Stole TommyInnit's two music discs. Although it would be originally seen as something petty, it in reality started one of the longest arcs in the whole series and is when the lore truly started.
  • He declared war on L'Manburg simply because he wouldn't allow someone to be independent from his faction.
  • Burned down Tubbo's house as part of declaring war.
  • Alongside Sapnap and GeorgeNotFound, he would grief and bomb L'Manberg during the war.
  • He blew up the Cuck Shed.
  • Bribed Eret to betray L'Manberg and join his side in exchange for Eret becoming the king of the Dream SMP (the faction, not the server). This would result in Wilbur Soot, Tommy, Tubbo and Fundy all losing the first of their three canon lives.
  • Alongide Eret, he blew up all of L'Manberg after not seeing white flags or a sign of surrender from the L'Manbergians after they defied his order to do so.
  • Took Tommy's second life in a duel.
  • Tried to bribe Jack Manifold (known back then as Thunder) into joining his side.
  • He would give Jschlatt a bow and help in hunting down the POG2020 candidates (Wilbur and Tommy) during the L'Manberg Presidential Election.
  • He burned down the Eiffel Tower alongside Tommy to frame BadBoyHalo.
  • He helped in Wilbur's spiral into villainy by giving him the TNT he needed to destroy Manberg.
  • He betrayed Pogtopia after Schlatt gave him a book that could resurrect the dead.
  • After he heard that Eret would try to ally with Pogtopia, he dethroned him and crowned George as the king.
  • He griefed several builds across the server, leaving signs framing Tommy, and stayed behind to tell those affected that they should all confront him about it together.
  • He started building a large obsidian wall across all of L'Manberg to isolate it from the rest of the server.
  • He orchestrated Tommy's exile from L'Manberg, forcing their hand over a crime that had never been punished that way before.
  • He violated several boundaries escorting Tommy to his exile site, including:
    • Blowing up Tommy's summer home in front of him (a worse crime than the one Tommy had been exiled for).
    • Telling Tommy that he's exiled from everywhere on the server that has been touched, against the terms that'd been agreed upon in court, isolating Tommy from getting help from anyone else.
    • Taking Tommy to a specific location of his choosing and telling him that he'd have to stay there or else he'd be killed, which is kidnapping (or perhaps unlawful imprisonment) rather than the agreed-upon exile.
    • Forbidding people from following him and Tommy to the exile site in an attempt to stop them from being able to find Tommy.
  • Throughout Tommy's exile, Dream would constantly manipulate, abuse and gaslight him into believing Dream is his only friend. Some of the ways he would do this include:
    • Blowing up all the items Tommy had on a regular basis.
    • Beating Tommy on a regular basis, typically if he didn't offer his things to be burned quick enough though seemingly also just for fun.
    • Creating a series of rules, often unspoken simply for being able to punish Tommy for failing to comply with them, when that had never been discussed in the terms of Tommy's exile. Many of these rules impeding Tommy's ability to survive on his own (such as not being allowed to grow his own food).
    • After finding Tommy contemplating killing himself over the circumstances and conditions he'd created, he simply pulled him from the ledge and told him it wasn't his time to die yet. He then went right back to ribbing him as if nothing had happened.
    • He made several attempt to isolate Tommy from other people such as:
      • Intercepting letters written to him and destroying them.
      • Lying to other people by telling them that Tommy didn't want visitors and lying to Tommy by telling him that no one wanted to come.
      • Stealing gifts given to him by other people.
      • Encouraging other people to mock him and engage in his abuse (such as having someone else burn Tommy's items and beating him in front of them when he refused).
    • Dream allowed Tommy to set up a beach party specifically as a tool to make him think that he was Tommy's only friend. This was accomplished by a few things:
      • He tricked Ghostbur into giving him the invitations so he could destroy them (sending Ghostbur into the snow, presumably to try to kill him knowing he melts in water), leaving Tommy to think that no one else wanted to show up.
      • He specifically told Tommy that Tubbo (his best friend) had been handed his invitation in person.
      • Upon further questioning he lied about the circumstances of Tubbo losing his compass (one in matching set giving to Tommy and Tubbo by Ghostbur, with Tubbo's pointing to Tommy and Tommy's pointing to Tubbo so they'd have a piece of each other even if they couldn't see each other), telling Tommy that he'd intentionally burned his when it'd really been destroyed in an accident.
      • After explicitly confirming that Tommy believed that no one else wanted or cared for him, he had a fun night with Tommy (being particularly generous for his standards by giving him things to play with) to try to cement himself as the only person who cared about him.
    • Tried to kill Juan Mendez and accidentally killed Mexican Dream once he took the bullet. He would then shoot again and actually kill Juan, which would result in Mexican Dream attacking him. Dream would then kill Mexican Dream for the second time, which was also his third death, resulting in him dying forever. Dream then attempted to gaslight Tommy into believe that Mexican Dream had died of an overdose.
    • Blew up all of Logstedshire (the buildings, items, tools, food, and only consistent food source) after finding items Tommy had hidden underground, claiming it'd been a betrayal of his trust when the "rule" hadn't been established until that moment, and telling Tommy that he had to start over. He then banned travel through the nether and any visitors at all, effectively trying to trap Tommy with nowhere to go, no one to rely on, and no way to take care of himself.
    • In response to the previous point Tommy very nearly committed suicide. This happened after he'd expressed that he'd been suicidal in the previous interaction, only to have Dream tell him that he'd never go through with it.
    • He hunted Tommy down, stalking the house that he'd taken refuge in several times and confronting him at the nether portal (though ultimately letting him go because of his alliance with Technoblade).
    • He blew up the Community House and framed Tommy for it in a ploy to get his hands on Tommy's other disc, which was in Tubbo's possession. He would then reveal that the only reason why he hadn't already destroyed L'manberg was because he needed to trick Tubbo into handing it over and that there was nothing stopping him from doing so anymore.
    • The worst thing of all is that Tommy is only a teenager during all this (having been confirmed to be 16 years old in canon during the trial).
  • Dream, with the help of Technoblade and Philza, would then destroy L'Manberg for the final time in the Doomsday War, with countless TNT and Withers destroying the country to the point of no return, resulting in a giant crater in the country's place and the loss of Jack Manifold's final life (who came back from the dead but was extremely traumatized by his visit to hell). When Tommy questioned why he punished all of L'manberg rather than just burning his discs Dream said that this was more fun.
  • He destroyed Tommy's house and left a note telling him to bring himself and Tubbo to a specific location at a specific date alone to have a final confrontation over the discs.
    • He planned to capture the most valued thing of the strongest or most influential people on the server to keep them under his control, which include Carl and the Axe of Peace from Technoblade, friend from Ghostbur, Fren from Awesamdude, and Skeppy from BadBoyHalo. Keeping Tommy for himself as his own most valued item.
      • What makes this worse is the fact that Skeppy is an actual, sentient, humanoid person.
      • This is now confirmed to have been staged.
    • He nearly killed Tubbo in front of Tommy, in his own words because he didn't have anymore use for Tubbo (someone who'd both threaten Dream's own control of Tommy and someone that he could hold over Tommy's head with the use of the revival book).
  • During what was supposed to be Tommy's final visit to him, Dream had Ranboo detonate TNT on the prison's roof, causing Tommy to be trapped in the cell with him because of Sam's emergency protocols.
    • During this visit, Dream claims that exile was fun, and that he wants the two to go back to it, ignoring Tommy's anger and discomfort at being reminded of his abuse.
    • With the threat of Tommy being freed soon and Tommy doubting the validity of the revival book, Dream took drastic measures and beat him to death.
      • We learn from Sam that Dream laughed maniacally after Tommy's death.
    • Dream waited three days to revive Tommy, specifically so that he could give Tommy time to sit in the afterlife and tell him what it was like. He confirmed that he killed Tommy to make a point about the revival book and expressed both an interest in experimenting on Tommy specifically and in living with Tommy for the rest of time as immortals.
    • After realizing the power that he had he declared himself a god, intending to use the book to control everyone on the server.
    • Tommy begged Dream not to ever revive Wilbur, having grown afraid of him during his time in Limbo, going as far to offer to stay with Dream in exile in exchange. Naturally Dream refused, presumably because he assumed that he could take Tommy anyways when he eventually rose to power.
  • He would go on to eventually complete Wilbur's resurrection under the (likely false) assumption that Wilbur would eventually help him escape. To do this he ended up killing Ghostbur.
  • When Ranboo is held hostage by Sam to stop Dream and his allies from escaping Pandora's Vault, he outright states that he doesn't care about him and is more interested in escaping the prison. His unwillingness to surrender himself ultimately leads to Sam permanently killing Ranboo.
    • After escaping Pandora's Vault, he went to the ruins of Logstedshire to confront Tommy, and gleefully tormented him by attempting to re-enact how he used to force Tommy into dropping his items into a hole to start over and sadistically toying with and attempting to kill him in a sing-songy voice. All the while, he confessed that he planned to make Tommy's life a living hell by continuously killing and resurrecting him just so he could torture him for all eternity.
  • He attempted to bargain with and eventually tried to kill his former friend, Sapnap, over his old set of armour, as well as threatening to destroy Kinoko Kingdom if he did not comply.
  • After The Revengers put Sam in prison, Dream found him in there. He wanted to live in prison, since Pandora's Vault was the safest place for him. But after finding Sam in there, he started to taunt and laugh at him. Dream said that the situation was "karma" and Sam finally did get what he asked for. When he was talking about his plans about killing Quackity and everything he loved, he continued to call Sam "an idiot". He toyed with Sam for the whole time he was there with him. Finally, he explained that he plans to make Sam a human pet. He planned to daily visit him on the cell, toy with him, telling how his day was, toying with him more, then leave. He wanted to repeat this for one year. After one year has passed, he would kill him.
    • When Dream visited Sam again, he tried to convince Sam that he and Dream were very similar. Except Sam was not accepting his bad behaviours, unlike Dream. Dream wanted Sam to list all of his bad doings. When Sam admitted he tortured Ponk, Dream laughed and said "even he didn't do that". But this was a lie, as Dream and Punz tortured Vikkstar and LazarBeam and then killed them permanently just to test the revival book. Dream told Sam that he maybe would not kill him if he admitted that he and Sam was very similar. He later leaved after he threw a few foods to Sam.
    • After two days, Dream visited him once more. This time he was acting very affable to Sam as he was nice with his words and gave Sam a cake to eat. He later asked if he thought about what made him good and what made himself bad. This time Sam listed many heinous acts committed by Dream. But Dream kept trying to reason with him. He said that the attachment vault was just for a show, and he just wanted to teach Tommy a lesson. While he was right about vault being fake, this isn't for good intentions like Dream said as he wanted to make everyone his enemy for unknown reasons. And after getting out of prison, he continued to terrorize Tommy so, again, this was just a lie. When Sam started to convince, he gave him an option. He would either rot in prison for one year, or he would give all key-cards to Dream and leave him alone in Pandora's Vault. So all of those affable acts were just to make Sam trust him to give key-cards and was not genuine at all.


  • The streamer (of the same name) portraying Dream intentionally stopped streaming his perspective in the story when he realized he intended to play an unsympathetic villain, a similar tactic utilized by Schlatt to create distance between the character and the audience.
  • Worth noting that part of the reason why he stopped streaming his perspective is to avoid taking away viewers from other streamers on the SMP.
  • Dream is one of two Dream SMP villains to be Pure Evil, the other villain being Ranbob
    • Ironically enough, both of these characters are played by the same person

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