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I alone control the dragons!
~ Drago Bludvist.
Drago Bludvist: You see, I know what it is to live in fear! To see my village burnt, my family taken. But even as a boy, left with nothing, I vowed to rise above the fear of dragons, and liberate the people of this world.

Hiccup: Then why a dragon army?
Drago: Well, you need dragons to conquer other dragons.
Hiccup: Or maybe you need dragons to conquer people. To control those who follow you... and to get rid of those who won't.
Drago: Clever boy.

~ Drago telling Hiccup about his "tragic" background and then admits he only cares for power.

Drago Bludvist is the main antagonist of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise.

He was a ruthless warlord who attempts to conquer the world by creating a dragon army, slaughtering those that refuse him. He is the archenemy of House Haddock.

He was voiced by Djimon Hounsou in most of his appearances, but in the Season 5 episode "The Wings of War", he was voiced by Hakeem Kae-Kazim, who also played Georges Rutaganda in Hotel Rwanda and Benatu Eshu in Vixen.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He wanted to rule the world by enslaving both Vikings and dragons alike, which is made clear when he vowed to "rise above the fear of dragons" and nodded when Hiccup asked him if he wanted to become unstoppable and rule the world, even admitting that he's using dragons to control the people who follow him and get rid of those who refuse to without hesitation, proving that Drago is using this as an excuse for his horrific crimes.
    • He claims to be doing what he does to avenge his family that was killed by dragons while neglecting the fact that he uses the dragons to carry out his selfish purposes, with Hiccup pointing out that he made a dragon army to control his followers and get rid of those who refuse to serve him.
    • This makes him a hypocrite, seeing as to how he's using the very things responsible for the deaths of his family to gain power over others, willing to murder any innocents, dragons, and humans alike, who stood in his way to achieve such power.
    • What makes this even worse is that he most likely moved on from his family's deaths and his village once he became a feared power-hungry warlord.
    • In addition, Drago's voice when talking about his tragic story didn't show any signs of affection and the song in the background wasn't played for sympathy.
  • During one of his earliest conquests, he found a Bewilderbeast and abused and tortured it into obedience until it grew to adult-size, after which Drago used to intimidate all his dragons into serving him.
  • When the chiefs in the Great Hall laughed at him after he wanted them to bow down and follow him, he used two of his armored dragons to burn the chiefs, only failing with Stoick at the time.
    • Due to Drago's attack on the Great Hall, Stoick knew that Drago was a madman who cannot be reasoned with, as Drago had his dragons burn down the Great Hall for a petty reason.
  • Upon discovering that Bayona and his tribe were farmers and not warriors as he expected, he burned down their entire village, forcing them to continue trying to find a habitable island for them to live on, an impact that carries on with them even after his demise.
  • He assassinated the leader of the Mongrel tribe, King Stormheart, leaving his two daughters, Nikora and Eir, orphaned.
  • When he hears that Johann was after a Bewilderbeast, he sends Krogan to help him and the Dragon Hunters find it so he can capture it and bring it to him.
  • No matter how much Krogan deserved this fate due to being as evil as him, he still had Krogan sentenced to death for failing to capture a Bewilderbeast for him, even though he already has one.
    • When Krogan told him that he won't fail him again, Drago still didn't forgive him, instead simply telling him that no one can fail him twice.
    • This shows that despite Krogan's decades of servitude and being his star pupil, Drago had no care for his trusted lieutenant, viewing him only as a disposable pawn.
  • He burned the mark of his insignia on Eret, Son of Eret's, chest, threatening him that the next time he returns to him empty-handed, he'll be far less understanding.
    • Even though Eret captured more dragons for him as well as the Dragon Riders as a bonus, he still tries to have Eret executed alongside the Dragon Riders via drowning, meaning he was going to have Eret killed regardless of whether or not he returned with more dragons. This was also due to the fact Eret had led an entire island of Berk to him (this wasn’t true as Astrid was just trying to bluff).
  • He murders Valka's Bewilderbeast and enslaves all the Dragons at the Dragon Sanctuary against their will via his own Bewilderbeast.
  • He rejects Hiccup's offer of peace and instead indirectly kills Stoick in the process of ordering his Bewilderbeast to have Toothless kill Hiccup. When he found out that Stoick took the blast instead, he just scoffed with a sadistic smile on his face and walked off, with Hiccup deeply grieving his death as a result.
  • Upon entering the Isle of Berk once again, he devastates it by having his Bewilderbeast freeze it with its ice breath, but not before taunting the Vikings there that Stoick the Vast is dead and that there's no one to protect them anymore.
  • While he gives Hiccup a sporting chance of getting Toothless back, it's clear that he was expecting him to fail because he was taunting Hiccup that Toothless won't miss a second time, thus making it dishonorable. In addition, when Hiccup succeeded, Drago was shocked and attempted to attack Toothless and Hiccup, making him dishonorable again.
  • Even when given the chance to surrender and make peace by Hiccup, Drago refuses and orders his Bewilderbeast to attack, resulting in its defeat and his death.


  • Drago is arguably the most dangerous Pure Evil villain from How to Train Your Dragon considering how destructive his plans of taking over the entire world and what he does to defiant villages are, and that he has killed more people onscreen, including one of the franchise's main characters. However, considering Grimmel the Grisly's lack of resources compared to him, he arguably has a higher kill count offscreen, and that while Drago has a very weak excuse for his crimes due to hypocritical revenge against dragons for taking his arm as a boy, Grimmel has an even weaker excuse of hunting purely for fame and glory, while Drago is more dangerous overall, Grimmel is arguably eviler in other regards.
  • Drago Bludvist was originally intended to return in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, where he would have been revealed to have survived his apparent death in How to Train Your Dragon 2 and would have redeemed himself after developing some kind of respect and affection for a dragon who was to help him escape from an island where he was left stranded after his defeat. Had Drago not been written out from the third film, this would have stripped Drago from his Pure Evil status and would've have qualified him as Inconsistently Heinous.

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