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Humans are like pigs, dependent upon the Reploids for their very existence...You do realize, don't you, that if I felt like it, I could wipe all humans out in the blink of an eye? Crea! Prea! Do with this one as you please! I've got some pig squeals to enjoy. The squeals of indolent pigs, wasting their pitiful lives on idle pursuit.
~ Dr. Weil

Dr. Weil is the main antagonist of the Mega Man Zero series and the archenemy of Zero. Believing Reploids should have their free wills removed to prevent them from going Maverick, Weil is the one responsible for the Elf Wars, which destroyed much of the Earth and caused a mass genocide for both humans and Reploids. For his atrocities, Weil was exiled but returns in Mega Man Zero 3 to take revenge and becomes the new ruler of Neo Arcadia.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Punished all reploids for the destruction the Mavericks caused on Earth, including the maverick hunters fighting the mavericks to protect humanity.
  • Used Omega to take control of most reploids in the world and started the Elf wars by making the reploids fight in massive battles.
  • Wiped out 60% of the humans and 90% of the reploids on Earth.
  • Rendered most of the Earth a barren wasteland by wiping out plant and animal species.
  • Brainwashed members of the judiciary from being fair and gentle officials to ruthless killing machines to serve as his pawns.
  • Usurped Copy X after killing him to become a leader of Neo Arcadia.
  • Tried to rule the entire world and wanted to wipe out anyone who opposed him. He did this by making any outside area of Neo Arcadia inhabitable to live on.
  • Tried to crash Ragnarok into Earth to wipe out all life.

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