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I really hate that hedgehog. I hate him. I hate him! HATE HIM!! Hate, HATE, HATE, HATE, HAAAAATTTEEEE!!
~ Dr. Robotnik in "The Doomsday Project"

Dr. Julian Robotnik is the main antagonist of the 1993 Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon series, commonly known as Sonic SatAM.

He is a despotic scientist bent on turning all life on planet Mobius into robotic slaves for him to rule over and the archenemy of Sonic the Hedgehog. By the time the series starts, Robotnik has already conquered Mobius and converted most of its inhabitants into robots, with only a small group of Freedom Fighters led by Princess Sally and Sonic to oppose his tyrannical reign. He has an incompetent nephew named Snively and a pet robotic rooster named Cluck.

He was voiced by Jim Cummings, who also voiced Steele in Balto, Rasputin's singing voice in Anastasia, Jacques in Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island, Scar in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, Fusilli in Courage the Cowardly Dog, Budzo in Zambezia and Hadrian in Minecraft: Story Mode.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He wants to replace life with robots.
  • Forces innocent creatures to work for him and turns them to robots if they do not obey him.
  • Turns formerly beautiful communities into severely polluted wastelands.
  • Even though Snively was his nephew, Robotnik was never shown to love him, only seeing him as his right-hand man, whom he had no qualms with being abusive to both verbally and physically. Even at the series finale, Robotnik openly betrays Snively by leaving him to die in the exploding Doomsday machine, though Snively actually escapes with a more reliable transportation while Robotnik supposedly dies.
  • Turned almost every citizen of Mobius into a robot. The way he did this was a machine that he stole known as the Roboticizer (which Sir Charles invented initially to make elderly people live longer). He even subjects Sir Charles to the same fate after his successful coup, much to Sonic's distraught.
  • It's implied that he tortured Cat, one of the captured Freedom Fighters, to death.
  • He tried to robotize Sally Acorn and for making it worse, he replaced her with a robotic clone of herself for preventing suspects from Sonic and his friends.
  • He created a vehicle called a Destroyer that can locate and destroy living tissue or pollute the atmosphere with toxic rain.
  • In the final episode of the second season, he set in motion his ultimate plan - the Doomsday Project -, with the intention of annihilating all organic life still present and turn Mobius into a wasteland.
  • He betrayed everyone who helped him in the end; King Acorn, Snively and Naugus included.
  • He banished King Acorn and Naugus into a limited dimension called the Void. Even when King Acorn and Naugus briefly managed to escape the Void (with the help from Sonic) years later, they are both horrified to learn that they're slowly turning into crystal due to being too long in the Void thanks to Robotnik's treachery, forcing themselves to return back to the Void to avoid dying.
  • While he appears to love Cluck as he likes petting him, he does not as petting him is the only thing he is ever shown doing to Cluck and is never shown protecting Cluck from harm, which indicates that he sees Cluck as an accessory rather than genuinely caring about his life.
    • This means that he never loved Cluck and he just sees him as a simple machine.
  • In his final moments in the series finale, as Sonic and Sally use the Deep Power Stones to destroy the Doomsday Machine, Robotnik (having failed to escape from the destruction) openly voices his complete hatred towards Sonic for ruining his plans and destroying his empire before meeting his supposed demise.
  • Unlike other versions of Dr. Robotnik/Eggman who have comedic moments and/or redeeming qualities, this version of Dr. Eggman is absolutely evil and is played completely seriously and one of the darkest versions of Eggman ever created.


  • This version of Dr. Robotnik, along with the Archie Comics version, is one of the two versions of Dr. Eggman to be Pure Evil.
  • He is the first Pure Evil that Jim Cummings voiced, making Cummings to have the highest voice acting amount of Pure Evil villains.

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