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Dr. Emilia is the main antagonist of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, serving as the unseen overarching antagonist of Season 1, the central antagonist of Season 2 and the main antagonist of Season 3.

She is a manipulative and remorseless scientist who wants to end the Mutes' existence, previously working with Song and Lio Oak. She is also the arch-nemesis of Kipo Oak.

She was voiced by Amy Landecker.

What Makes Her Pure Evil?

  • Even if that’s her father who had partly influenced her, she killed her own brother, Liam, by her own choice, in order to prevent his positive ideals from spreading amongst the Burrow, then framed the mutes for his death.
  • Forced a mandrill named Hugo to produce more mind-control pheromones, using him as leverage to force Song and Lio to create the cure.
  • Attempted to kill Kipo as an infant child.
  • Forcibly mind controlled a now-Mega Mute Song to search for Kipo, destroying the Clover Burrow in the process.
  • Kidnapped and experimented on several mutes to create the cure.
  • Kidnapped and threatened to murder Kipo's friends as bait so Emilia could "cure" her.
  • Created a cure that reverts the mutes back to their original animal states, and used it on several mutes. The most significant victims of the conscious-wiping "cure" were Yumyan and Wolf's adoptive sisters.
  • Released cure-induced fireworks onto the mutes who attended an alliance party.
  • Becoming a Mega Mute to kill Kipo, all the mutes, and everyone who sided with her while also endangering all her other followers.
  • Her Freudian Excuse, her abusive father, is not enough to justify her actions. She is motivated only through her own selfish motives and prejudice.


  • Dr. Emilia is the third female villain from a Dreamworks TV show to be Pure Evil, the first being Queen Usurna and the second being the White Bone Demon.

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