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I told you this before, Law! Now take a look! The weak don't have a choice, even in death!
~ Donquixote Doflamingo
I know this will be difficult for you, Vergo. But, I need you to take care of Law. Also make it as cruel and gruesome as you can manage. I want him to suffer.
~ Doflamingo telling Vergo to give Law a cruel death.
I told you the time limit was an hour...but that's just when the cage closes completely. There are injured people out there, and elderly folk who can't stand. Suckling little infants as well! Who will be the first to die? Within 30 minutes people will be sure to start dying somewhere! And within 40...we will be able to hear their screams from here! Within 50...this country will be stained red as a crushed tomato with their blood! And in an hour...no voices will be left to cry out!
~ Doflamingo stating that he plans to kill everyone in Dressrosa.

Donquixote Doflamingo is a major antagonist in the One Piece franchise. He was once a Celestial Dragon. He was also once the king of Dressrosa and one of the Seven Warlords. He serves as the main antagonist of the Dressrosa Saga.

Doflamingo is voiced by Hideyuki Tanaka in the Japanese version, and Robert McCollum in the English version.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • As a young child, Doflamingo's personality was like any World Noble's, despite the fact that the rest of his family were kind.
  • He declared revenge against all the citizens who tortured their family, who while unjustified in torturing the Donquixotes, all had genuine grievances against the World Nobles.
  • He murdered his father despite his brother's pleas and seeing his father apologize for their situation, all in order to take his head in order to return to the Holy Land.
  • Upon learning that Law had eaten the Op-Op Fruit, he planned to brainwash Law into giving his life to perform the Perennial Youth Operation on him.
  • Though he appeared to deeply care about Rosinante, even threatening to kill anyone who laid a hair on him, the moment his treachery was revealed, he killed Rosinante. While he did show some frustration over having to kill Rosinante and had been hoping his brother wasn't a traitor, it still didn't stop him from shooting him. What's more, even before he discovered Rosinante's betrayal, he was still planning on having his brother sacrifice himself by eating the Op-Op Fruit and performing the Perennial Youth Operation to grant him immortality.
  • He usurped the title of king of Dressrosa by manipulating King Riku to attack his own people. When he did that, he painted King Riku as a villain and usurped the title of king, ruining his family's reputation for 10 years.
  • He had Sugar turn hundreds of people into toys. Whoever is turned into a toy is automatically forgotten by everyone in the entire world. The person as a toy is under the control of Sugar and they cannot do anything about their condition. Doflamingo had all the toys perform slave labor for him for many years. Whenever the toy 'broke', it meant that the person who became a toy died and they are left forgotten by everyone in the world forever.
  • He controlled a vice admiral into fighting the marines.
  • Was planning to kill Riku to silence him before he could reveal that he was manipulated by him, but Viola saved him for exchange of joining his crew. He still forced Riku to appear at the Colosseum in the hopes that someone kills him for his "crimes".
  • Corrupted Bellamy into disbelieving in dreams and focusing on stealing treasure and antagonizing others.
  • He and the Pacifistas received an order by someone higher than Sengoku to terminate Gecko Moriah when he is too weak to remain as a Shichibukai.
  • He ran a slave-auction where people of different species including humans (such as Boa Hancock) would be sold off to the Celestial Dragons to be their slaves until he lost all of his interests and abandoned Disco when refusing to help his employer against Monkey D. Luffy (who came to save Camie from being sold to the Celestial Dragons as far the Straw Hat Captain punched the Celestial Dragon disregarding his own personal safety).
  • He runs the Corrida Colosseum where he forces the competitors to live in squalor conditions. When he is in charge of running the Colosseum matches as the new king of the country, he forces the competitors to fight to the death for his own amusement. Out of anger, he is seen attempting to drown a man for not killing anyone.
  • He used the String-String Fruit to have Bellamy and Sarquiss attack each other for their defeat at the hands of Luffy in spite of Bellamy's pleas for forgiveness.
  • When he reunites with Law in Dressrosa, he was extremely hostile to him. When Law provokes him by mentioning the D clan, he brutally assaults Law and nearly kills him with lead bullets in front of the Dressrosa civilians. During his last battle with Law, he hacks off one of Law's arms, which caused him to scream in anguish, much to his delight.
  • He murdered 8 of Baby 5's previous boyfriends. He was going to kill Baby 5, but spared her.
  • Despite Bellamy showing his loyalty to him, Doflamingo commissioned Dellinger to assassinate him for no longer being of use to him. When Bellamy confronts him about the attempted murder, he mocks him, tortures him, and forces him into nearly killing his friend, Luffy.
  • He would use his String-String Fruit to force people to attack and kill the people they love and care about, and is shown to take glee in watching it. For example, he had Atmos murder some members of his crew. In another instance, he also forced King Riku to kill some of his own people.
  • During his fight with Law and Luffy, when he talks about his brother and father, he rants about how much he detests them for inconveniencing him. He even tells Law that his brother was an eyesore and he was glad to be rid of him, proving that he discarded any love he once had for Corazon.
  • While he did appear to genuinely love his mother, this love for her is never shown again, and given that he killed both his father and brother, it's very likely he'd eliminate her as well if he needed to.
  • He attempted to use the Birdcage to kill everyone in Dressrosa, which would have been thousands of people, as well as taking sadistic pleasure in describing how they would die. Although his attempt failed, he was responsible for many deaths and the destruction of the entire country. He did this as a reaction to when people found out the truth about his illicit operation on the island.
  • Kills several gladiators as they tried to save an exhausted Luffy from him.
  • He created a rigged bounty game for people to kill/capture those he despised the most. Each stars contain 100 million berries: 1 star for Rebecca, Viola, Nico Robin, Kin'emon and Franky, 2 stars for Roronoa Zoro and Kyros, 3 stars for Monkey D, Luffy, Sabo, Trafalgar D. Water Law and King Riku, and 5 stars for Usopp.
  • Attempts to control Rebecca into murdering her aunt Viola, despite him having no real reason to do so at that point.
  • While he seemed to care about his comrades, even considering them to be his "family", he was perfectly willing to sacrifice them if it meant accomplishing his goals or destroying his enemies. This was shown when he willingly sacrificed Vergo and Monet to destroy the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies on Punk Hazard (along with innocent children) and showed disregard when all his defeated allies in Dressrosa would be killed by his Birdcage.
  • Though he does have a tragic past of being forced on the run, his mother dying of disease, and being tortured by vengeful citizens, he goes far beyond this tragedy by killing his remaining family and has no excuse for any of his actions. Furthermore, his brother went through the exact same experiences and didn't become as evil as him, though admittedly Doflamingo was negatively influenced by Trebol, who compelled him to take revenge against his father and constantly fed his ego.


  • In the SBS of Volume 83, a reader asks the author, Eiichiro Oda, why Doflamingo refers to Viola as "Violet" and Viola refers to Doflamingo as "Doffy". The author states that this is a secret and an adult part of the story that cannot be a part of the story. He also states that Dressrosa is a passionate country. Since Doflamingo took control of the monarchy of Dressrosa where Violet was a part of the royal family and that Violet has always hated him for the suffering he caused and only joined his pirate crew for her father's and her own safety, it is shown that the relationship was not genuine and implied that the relationship was not consensual.
  • He killed eight men who were attracted to Baby 5 and would destroy the towns where they came from. The killings infuriate Baby 5 to the extent that she wanted to murder Doflamingo. According to Buffalo, Doflamingo's reason for the murders were that he sees her as a younger sister and that he cared for her and wanted to protect her since she did not have the will to refuse any of the men. Buffalo also states that Doflamingo slaughtering the eight towns was his way of showing his care for Baby 5. However, Doflamingo's killings would also deprive Baby 5 of her happiness and her sense of being needed by another person as a human being leading her to continue to act out of her insecurities without providing any alleviations for them. This is later shown when during the uprisings of Dressrosa, Baby 5 betrays Doflamingo to join Sai since she wanted to be around someone who cared for her. And that by joining him, she was able to attain her happiness and not feel insecure any longer. Plus, during the Dressrosa uprising, Doflamingo did not mind having Baby 5 killed along with everyone in the country as he also viewed her as a pawn meant to maintain his ego.

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