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As I live and breathe. The Wolverine! And he's a junkie now.
~ Donald Pierce meeting Wolverine.

Donald Pierce is the central antagonist of the 2017 Marvel film Logan.

He is one of Dr. Zander Rice's enforcers and the field commander of the Reavers. He aids Rice in attempting to capture the escaped test subjects of the Transigen Project, including Laura.

He was portrayed by Boyd Holbrook.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He helped drive mutants to extinction by using genetically-engineered food products that eradicate the X-gene, and then hunted down any survivors for their raw material.
  • He kidnapped several Mexican girls and forcibly impregnated them with mutant embryos for the X-23 project, killing them after they gave birth.
  • He abused the mutant children emotionally, with one of them committing suicide just to escape. He then capped all of that off by trying to kill the kids once the company didn't need them anymore.
  • He shot Gabriela to death in her motel room, where her corpse and phone were found by Logan.
  • When Laura walks outside and flings a Reaver's decapitated head at Pierce's feet, he reacts with indifference and actually kinda smirks at it, showing that he doesn't even care about his own men.
  • He killed a gas station worker, whose corpse is seen back at Transigen alongside Caliban's.
  • He tortures Caliban via sunlight exposure so he'd track down Laura.
  • He unleashes X-24 to have him kill Logan, which the former succeeds in doing so.
  • When the children kill him slowly, he cowardly begs for mercy.
  • Overall Pierce is shown to get deep enjoyment out of his crimes, so it's clear that he's not just following orders. 


  • Donald Pierce, along with Dr. Zander Rice, was one of the final two X-Men film series villains to be Pure Evil.
  • Despite being the central antagonist of Logan, Donald Pierce has more screen time than Dr. Rice.

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