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Nothing drives down real estate prices like a good old fashioned gang war, apart from the outbreak of a plague, but that might be going too far in this case.
~ Donald Love to Claude.

Donald Love is a recurring character in the 3D Universe of the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a major character in Grand Theft Auto III, a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the tritagonist-villain of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and a mentioned character in Grand Theft Auto Advance.

Love is the multi-billionaire owner of the Love Media conglomerate and is also involved in the construction industry. Despite not being an antagonist in any of the games he appears in, however, Love definitely stands out in comparison to other characters of the GTA games due his ruthless ego and his macabre pleasures, which involve cannibalism and possibly necrophilia.

He was voiced by Kyle MacLachlan in GTA III, by Cam Neely in GTA Vice City (though he was not given a speaking role) and by Will Janowitz in GTA Liberty City Stories.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • In order to win the elections, he orders Toni Cipriani to murder several of his opponents and their supporters.
  • He orders Toni to steal a corpse for him to eat.
  • He orders Toni to destroy a printing factory.
  • He also has Toni destroy evidence of his links with the Leone Family.
  • He orders Toni to kill his mentor Avery Carrington as well as Ned Burner after the latter witnessed Avery's murder. He also asks Toni to deliver their bodies to him so he can eat and possibly have sex with them.
  • In one scene he is seen eating a human torso. He also humorously told Toni that it has a good taste and asks Toni if he wants a piece of flesh, but Toni, horrified, politely declined.
  • Heavily pressured Toni into the bombing of the heavily populated Fort Staunton (which is also a Forelli strong hold) to kill one man and then using the stolen intellectual property of Avery to head the redevelopment and real estate projects of the neighborhood, earning billions of dollars in the process. Although the number of victims is never revealed, it's highly likely it was in thousands - The single highest body count in the entire franchise.
  • He orders Claude to murder the leader of the Yakuza, so it will trigger a war between the Cartel and the Yakuza.
  • Although he is not the main antagonist in both Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, he is proven to be far more dangerous and not only did he got away with his crimes, he successfully got away without the main protagonists (both Claude and Toni Cipriani) discovering his true colors. Despite his fate being left completely ambiguous, it is safe to say that his comeuppance was never delivered for his atrocious crimes since his absence in future Grand Theft Auto games.
  • Though Avon Hertz and Clifford do worse, they had more resources.


  • Donald and Avon Hertz are the only Grand Theft Auto villains to be Pure Evil (excluding characters from the Manhunt and Bully video games, which are set in the same universe).
    • Donald Love is the only 3D Universe Pure Evil, while Frank Tenpenny and Marty Jay Williams were also proposed and approved but rejected due to Donald Love being much more evil than them (i.e. Frank Tenpenny's MEH crossing were that he made Big Smoke and Ryder betray the Grove Street Familes and overseeing the murder of Beverly Johnson, while Marty Jay Williams' MEH crossings were that he attempts to rape his wife and is an abuser). However, Frank Tenpenny has a page on the Near Pure Evil Wiki, and the user can make a proposal of Marty Jay Williams on said wiki, but with the permission of an administrator first.
  • Donald Love doesn't do anything too heinous in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (the latter which just shows him in a silent cameo appearance). It's in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories when Donald Love finally shows his monstrosity and how cruel and ruthless he can be, qualifying him as Pure Evil.
  • In the beta version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Donald Love was supposed to have a larger role than in the final version.
  • Unlike Avon Hertz, the main antagonist of "The Doomsday Heist" update of Grand Theft Auto Online and the other Pure Evil of the franchise, Donald Love isn't an enemy of the protagonist. This possibly means why Love is so successful: if he had been against the protagonists, he would have been likely killed.
    • Furthermore, Love is the only Pure Evil villain in the Grand Theft Auto universe to have successfully escaped with no given punishment whatsoever, thus having succeeded his heinous deeds without the protagonists or the authorities ever finding out. This also makes him one of the few characters in the franchise which has committed heinous crimes and got away with it without being the main antagonist.
  • As stated by Rockstar Games in 2009, Donald Love actually left Liberty City after Grand Theft Auto III to find a way back to normality after acknowledging that he had crossed a few boundaries (possibly his cannibalism and alleged necrophilia), yet it cannot be speculated what happened afterwards. If Love actually succeeded on his mission and repented his actions, that would strip him of his Pure Evil status. However, because Donald Love doesn't make anymore appearances, it is safe to say that for this reason, his fate remains ambiguous since then. However, given the fact that he's still trying could qualify as remorse, and an attempt for redemption. This could potentially make Love lose his Pure Evil status, but it's unlikely given the ambiguous way he left the series.

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