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I will have... order!
~ Dolores Umbridge's famous quote.
Now, I want you to write, "I must not tell lies".
~ Professor Umbridge before torturing Harry.
That's right, because you know, deep down, you deserve to be punished. Don't you, Mr. Potter?
~ Professor Umbridge infamous qoute after torturing Harry.

Professor Dolores Jane Umbridge, simply known as Dolores Umbridge, is a major antagonist in the Harry Potter franchise, serving as the main antagonist of the 2003 book Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and its 2007 film adaptation of the same name and the opening antagonist of the 2007 book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and the 2010 first part of its film adaptation. She also appears as a supporting antagonist in the West End play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

She was a Ministry of Magic official and served as Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic under three successive ministers: Cornelius Fudge, Rufus Scrimgeour and Pius Thicknesse. Umbridge was designated as Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by order of the Ministry in 1995 and was later promoted to Hogwarts High Inquisitor and eventually Headmistress. This was part of a Ministry effort to keep the school and Harry under control. She was removed from these positions later on in 1996, when Lord Voldemort was revealed to be alive, and returned to the ministry, working as a judge under Voldemort's supremacist reign.

In the films, she was portrayed by Imelda Staunton.

What Makes Her Pure Evil?

  • Unlike other villains in the Harry Potter universe who became villains due to mad delusions of perceived righteousness (such as Bellatrix Lestrange who sincerely idolizes her master as a great hero and Gellert Grindelwald who sincerely thinks he is breaking the chains of wizardkind) or pitiable factors out of their ability to control (such as Credence Barebone being continuously tormented for years, Draco Malfoy being threatened with his family's deaths or Peter Pettigrew and Barty Crouch Junior's novel versions feeling helplessly backed into a corner that is the Dark Lord's malevolent embrace), Dolores Umbridge turned to a life of villainy of her own accord for no reason other than spiteful pettiness.
  • Even as a child, she held a power-hungry and authoritarian nature, wanting to hold a position of power over others and feeling very resentful of Hogwarts for never giving her such authority. This power-hungry nature was her sole purpose for joining the Ministry, wanting to rise to power in whatever way possible and flaunting her titles whenever given the chance.
  • Despised her Muggle mother and her Squib brother, considering them inferior to her and her father under the latter's influence.
  • Became the Head of the Improper Use of Magic Office through her ruthless tactics and tyrannical leadership under her sweet facade. She also forced her father to quietly retire from his job, severing all ties to him and also denying she was related to him, from that point on considering herself only a pure-blood rather than a half-blood.
  • Her prejudice towards werewolves led her to draft the Anti-Werewolf policy, which made it almost illegal for a Werewolf to hold a job, driving most werewolves into poverty, and also made her indirectly responsible for causing other werewolves into becoming criminals (such as joining Lord Voldemort's army) in hopes of seeking a better life.
  • Her prejudiced views toward Muggles were so vile that even Ministry workers with anti-muggle ideologies were shocked by her suggestions of how the non-magical community should be treated.
  • Inspected every professor at Hogwarts, though she was unable to find fault with most of them, apart from Sybill Trelawney and Rubeus Hagrid. She did, however, put massive unfair pressure on Professor Trelawney and demonstrated extreme bias, prejudice, and near-sabotage with Hagrid's inspection. She later attempted to banish her from Hogwarts permanently but was stopped at Albus Dumbledore's intervention (since she did not have the authority to remove them from the castle).
  • When the centaur Firenze was brought in to replace her, Umbridge felt insulted because she hated half-breeds and those who outmaneuvered her. In the movie, when Dumbledore explained that the power to remove people from the premises was still within his power, Umbridge simply replied, "For now!"
  • Supporting Prime Minister Cornelius Fudge's claims, Umbridge was placed at Hogwarts to stop these "wicked, nasty attention-seeking stories" from spreading any further, to punish anyone that reinforced or questioned them, and if necessary find a way to remove Harry Potter from the school permanently.
  • Took sadistic pleasure in depriving Harry and many of the other students of the things that made Hogwarts life enjoyable.
  • Put Harry in detention and forced him to carve the words "I must not tell lies" into the back of his hand with a Blood Quill, leaving a scar that never truly healed, simply because Harry spoke out-of-turn in class, even though Dolores Umbridge herself is a liar. She would do this multiple times throughout the school year.
  • Forced another student, Lee Jordan, to use the Black Quill simply because he mocked Educational Decree Number Twenty-Six.
  • Deliberately delayed the re-establishment of the Hogwarts Quidditch teams (with the exception of the Slytherins to whom Umbridge showed favor) and when Harry, Fred and George Weasley got into a fight with Draco Malfoy and Vincent Crabbe, banned them from the team and confiscated their brooms.
  • Overthrew Dumbledore by using Marietta Edgecombe as a spy to punish Dumbledore for threatening her position, blackmailing Edgecome by threatening to have her mother, who worked at the Ministry, fired if she didn't comply. Umbridge later lost her temper and shook her roughly when she was unable to provide a fuller account of the secret D.A. meetings. This act infuriated Dumbledore, making her one of the few people to ever elicit Dumbledore's wrath.
  • In the movie, after Dumbledore flees, Dolores forces all the members of Dumbledore's Army to use the Black Quill, causing all of them great pain.
  • She tried to have Hagrid arrested by a group of Aurors for his loyalty to Dumbledore and being a half-giant.
  • She attacked Professor McGonagall, alongside the Aurors, with four Stunning Spells when she tried to defend Hagrid, severely injuring her.
  • Threatened to perform the Cruciatus Curse on Harry, despite being in front of several Hogwarts students (his friends and the Inquisitorial Squad)
  • When she unreasonably demanded Snape give her Veritaserum to interrogate Harry, she put him on probation for being "deliberately unhelpful", even though she was the one who wasted the Veritaserum and there was nothing Snape could do to make more.
  • She held no personal loyalty to Fudge despite working under him, readily abandoning him when he was forced out of office and perfectly willing to violate the rules against his will, as seen before preparing to use the Cruciatus Curse on Harry, (and also stating she was the one who tried to discredit Harry earlier by sending the Dementors in secret to Little Whinging to silence his claims of Voldemort's return from contradicting the Ministry's view that Voldemort had not returned, which resulted in his trial at the Ministry) she says "What Cornelius doesn't know won't hurt him."
  • Sent the Dementors after Harry the previous summer, pointing out that she was the only one who acted, whilst other Ministry officials were "all bleating about silencing you somehow - discrediting you". By doing so, Dolores not only risked Harry to be condemned to a fate worse than death in case the Dementors kissed him, but also endangered the life of Harry's Muggle cousin Dudley Dursley.
  • Proceeded to insult the Centaurs and remorselessly tortured one with ropes, resulting in them capturing and dragging her away out of rage. In the film, Harry managed to get a belated revenge on Umbridge at this point, when she ordered him to tell the Centaurs she meant no harm, Harry spitefully replied, "I'm sorry Professor, but I must not tell lies!"
  • Imprisoned and tortured innocent Muggle-borns under outrageous accusations and under the prejudiced beliefs that these witches and wizards stole their magic from Pure-bloods. Also threatened them with the Dementor's Kiss if they resisted. Due to the horrendous conditions in Azkaban, some of the victims died from their ordeal. Furthermore, she displayed absolute hypocrisy, inflicting permanent damage to Harry because she believed in not telling lies, yet blatantly lying about the Slytherin locket and about the charges placed under Muggle-borns.
  • As the head of the Muggle-Born Registration Commission, she has a large wanted poster of Harry in her office, to which she has added the words "To be punished" indicating her hatred of him.
  • Cares about absolutely nobody but herself and for all the things she's done she clearly takes sadistic pleasure in doing so and actually enjoys causing pain and harming other people.


  • Some people believe that Dolores Umbridge isn't too bad and that she was just doing her job when Cornelius Fudge assigned her to be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in Order of the Phoenix. However, Umbridge shows harsh discipline methods like scarring students with Black Quill and attempted to perform the Cruciatus Curse on Harry Potter without Fudge knowing despite that the curse is one of the three Unforgivable Curses. This proves that Umbridge is evil and her decisions are almost always selfish and unreasonable.
    • Despite this, some feel that her extreme cruelty in Deathly Hallows was given to the influence of Slytherin's Locket as a Horcrux, but J.K. Rowling has affirmed that this isn't the case and that the Locket couldn't worsen Umbridge as she was already such a horrible person. In fact, the locket, while a Horcrux, made her stronger. While "Word of God" isn't a factor in PE, Umbridge's behavior with the locket does nothing to contradict this perverse notion. Coupled with Umbridge's backstory, it's evident that her prejudice against Muggle-borns started long before she was assigned to trial them.
  • To help drive the point of Dolores Umbridge being Pure Evil, Umbridge was hated even by her own actress Imelda Staunton, who struggled with nausea when she read her character's lines and recalled the Black Quill scene as one of the "sickest" parts she has ever filmed.
  • She is considered the third most evil Harry Potter villain by WatchMojo, as well as the most repulsive by general audience and in-universe alike.

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