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Yessss… The day has finally come. I have regained my dimension bending powers! The count and his lady, like Romeo and Juliet, HEROICALLY stopped me from ending this fiery inferno of a world and crafting a perfect world in Dimension D! But their sacrifice was in vain! Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I will reverse the spell they set by exiting the universe like it was a terrible production of King Lear by second graders, and then them NOT being in the universe will revive the void! Then I will finally be able to erase this world like terrible fan art drawn by a person with no arms, and make one 256 times better in Dimension D! Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha! REVERSE!
~ Dimentio after regaining his powers.

Dimentio is the main antagonist of Super Paper Mario 2: The Seven Sorcerers. Surviving the events of the original Super Paper Mario, Dimentio now seeks revenge on Mario and Lord Blumiere for defeating him, though he still wants to achieve his destructive goals of wiping out all of existence and recreating it in his own image. He is said to be the most destructive wielder of the Chaos Heart, as well as Mario's most destructive and evil foe.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Commits all the same crimes his original counterpart did.
  • Called Blumiere and Tinpani's sacrifices weak and in vain.
  • Tries to destroy the multiverse again by creating a black void to consume all of it and recreate it all in Dimension D, with at least one world shown being destroyed.
  • Hypnotizes seven sorcerers into destroying the heroes.
  • Kidnaps Mario, traps him in Dimension D, impersonates him for the rest of the story and leaves him stuck there, seemingly for eternity when he "dies".
  • Brainwashed Blumiere and the rest of his former pawns to kill Peach, Luigi, and Bowser when he was exposed.
  • Uses the brainwashed Blumiere to kill his own wife Timpani by sucking her into the black void, which makes Blumiere commit suicide as a result.
  • All of his actions left some sort of impact on the heroes as Luigi would soon begin to think that maybe Dimentio was actually right the whole time, Nastasia is heartbroken by what happened to Bleck, and Peach is now depressed that she may never see Mario again.
  • He is still alive by the end, free to do anything he wants, which isn't good as he could actually succeed in finally destroying the multiverse.


  • This version of Dimentio, while not being quite as powerful, is seemingly even more monstrous than his original counterpart, as his actions would lead to Blumiere killing himself, Mario being trapped presumably forever in Dimension D, and leave the heroes of the story psychologically tormented by his actions, even seemingly getting away in the end.
  • Unlike the rest of the Pure Evil versions of Dimentio, this is the only one so far who is seemingly not killed or punished for his crimes, as he would fake his death once again.


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