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Now the Chaos Heart is mine! I will use it to destroy all worlds... And create perfect new ones! So, shall we get started? Now I have all I need... To become the king of all worlds!
~ Dimentio becoming Super Dimentio.

Dimentio is the main antagonist and singer of the Man on the Internet songs It's Showtime and The Ultimate Show and a cameo character in Champion of Destruction. which are remixes to the Super Paper Mario songs of the same name with Lyrics. Outside of the songs, he has made cameo appearances in a few other songs such as the third Megalovania joke lyrical adaptation, which is a running gag amongst Man on the Internet and Juno Songs where they remix the Smash Bros. Version of Megalovania (He even goes to comment how many lyrical adaptations of it there are and how he expects the joke to continue for quite some time).

He is voiced by Alex Beckham, who also voiced and Marx in Vs. Marx With Lyrics.


Dimentio, just like in the games, is a minion seemingly loyal to Count Bleck but in reality, he has his own objectives. In the song It's Showtime he tries to persuade the Mario Bros to join him and when they refuse he tries to kill Luigi he then sorrows over his defeat, but that was a trap than as he then brainwashes Luigi.

In the next song The Ultimate Show, he reveals himself to still be alive and that he orchestrated all the events so he could grab the chaos heart and destroy all world to remake them in his own image. He then does exactly that and merges with Luigi to become Super Dimentio. luckily he is defeated but just before he dies he says he will have the last laugh.

In Megalovania 4: The Revenge, Dimentio arranges a cameo appearance after Piranha Plant who was dressed as Sans and the main singer of the song guessed that viewers would enjoy a 'cameo from the clown'. Dimentio quickly then raps a modified version of the lyrics in The Ultimate Show, claiming to bathe in smiles and tune out the frowns as well as laughing how children cry that the lyrics are wrong.

Dimentio makes his next appearance in the full package of Super Paper Mario musical bites, interrupting Mr. L's ending speech. Dimentio then goes on the reveal he knows about 'fan demand' and that he is not going to sit the opportunity out. He then sings It's Showtime and The Ultimate Show just like previously.

His next appearance follows a mashup adaptation of The Ultimate Show with Vs. Marx and The World Revolving called the Ultimate World Spun. He appears as one of the three villain protagonists alongside Marx and Jevil. Dimentio appears to have abandoned his previous goals of wanting to destroy all worlds to recreate them and instead wants to simply bring chaos upon worlds. If this is true Dimentio might be less evil than before as he appears to have a genuine alliance with the other two. Whilst Dimentio claims that a perfect world is within his grasp, Jevil states that a perfect world stays just out of grasp and Marx screams that a perfect world shatters in his grasp. Marx then bursts into a crazy fit of laughter whilst Dimentio and Jevil claim that the viewer's world is a fantasy before ending the song.

What Makes Him Pure Evil

  • Attempts to convince Mario and Luigi to join his side and when they refuse, he attempts to kill them.
  • Feigns sorrow after being defeated by Luigi and uses that advantage to brainwash Luigi.
  • Attempts to kill Count Bleck and kills Nastasia after she jumps in front of his energy blast, and reveals he has been manipulating events from behind the scenes to get the Chaos Heart for himself.
    • And unlike in the original game, Nastasia is never revived making her permanently killed.
  • Attempts to use the Chaos Heart to destroy all worlds and recreate them in his image.
  • Initially he appears to be comedic but it's all apart of his theatrics making him more Laughably Evil.


  • While this version of Dimentio is mostly the same as his original version, he gets more characterization and it explores more into his psyche making him allowed on this wiki.
  • Unlike the original game, his part about planting a shadow of his power in the Chaos Heart to destroy all worlds as an act of spite was cut from the songs. Which could make this version, not quite as evil as his original version.

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