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Not even death can save you from me!
~ Diablo

Al'Diabolos, also known as Diablo, the Lord of Terror, and the Prime Evil, is the titular main antagonist of the video game series of the same name. He is the leader of the Burning Hells and the leader of the forces of Hell , who attempts to bring all of Creation under his domain. He is widely acknowledged as the most dangerous of all demons because of his powers over terror and fear.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • As a Demon Lord, Diablo seeks to bring all of Creation under his domain through crushing the forces of Heaven and winning the Eternal Conflict.
  • Deliberately attacked his brothers Baal and Mephisto during the Eternal Conflict so he could have more power despite the vast amounts of power he already possessed.
  • During one battle between himself and Imperius, Diablo insinuated that Imperius and himself were not that different, as they both possessed rage and massive anger problems. Diablo then taunted Imperius over whether or not he feared what his fellow angels would think if they saw Imperius's violent rage, attempting to corrupt him, though Imperius fought the corruption off. After being captured by the Angiris Council of archangels, Diablo goaded Imperius into killing him, allowing him to reform in the Burning Hells while the angels having Diablo prisoner would have turned the Eternal Conflict decisively to the angels.
  • Upon discovering the realm of Sanctuary, he immediately attempted to corrupt the Nephalem, the early humans, and win them over to Hell's side in order to permanently tilt the scales of the Eternal Conflict in favor of Hell.
  • Deliberately ensured he and his brothers would be exiled from Hell to Sanctuary, which would allow him a chance to corrupt humanity to Hell's side again.
  • Upon being awakened 200 years after being imprisoned in a Horadric soul stone, he drove King Leoric into insanity by his attempts to possess him, and it only failed because Diablo was still weakened from his imprisonment. He promptly possessed Prince Albrecht, a little boy, and ressurrected the deceased Leoric and many of the mad king's victims as undead minions, while summoning demons to stalk the town of Tristram.
  • After being defeated by Prince Aidan, Diablo possessed Aidan, destroyed Tristram, and headed west to free Baal and reunite with Mephisto, where the three brothers planned to corrupt the Worldstone and humanity, and reinvigorate the Eternal Conflict.
  • It is revealed that during the time he was in control of Aidan, he had sex with the witch Adria and gave birth to Leah, for the sole intent of her birth being the purpose of allowing his spirit to still have a link to Sanctuary.
  • After all of his brothers had been defeated, it is revealed that Diablo had learned of the Black Soulstone and immediately put in motion a plan to have him reborn as the Prime Evil with all seven lords of Hell being emplaced in his body. Adria plunged the Black Soulstone into Leah's chest, killing her, and ensuring Diablo's rebirth as the Prime Evil.
  • Immediately after becoming the Prime Evil, Diablo launched a massive invasion of Heaven, nearly killed Imperius, and attempted to corrupt the Crystal Arch. The destruction of the Arch briefly incapacitated all Angels, and would have permanently ended the Eternal Conflict in favor of Hell had the Nephalem not stopped him at the last minute.
  • During the Nephalem's ascent up the Silver Spire, Diablo repeatedly used shades of the dead characters they had met to taunt them as failures who were responsible for Diablo's ascension as the Prime Evil, in an attempt to drive them into despair.
  • Although throughout the second game and in several collectibles in Diablo III, he refers to the other Prime Evils as his brothers, he has shown no hesitation in turning on them if the situation will benefit him, as shown during the multiple times he attacked them during the Eternal Conflict, and when he masterminded his scheme with the Black Soulstone where he absorbed their spirits into his body, effectively killing them. He also refers to the Lesser Evils with disdain, seeing them only as useful pawns as highlighted with Andariel and Duriel. This stands in stark contrast to the other Evils, where despite their backstabbing, do show some genuine moments of care towards their siblings, such as Mephisto sounding genuinely overjoyed to be reunited with the other Prime Evils, and Baal vowing to avenge his siblings' deaths, along with Andariel and Duriel sacrificing themselves to the adventurers allow Diablo to escape.
  • During his time as the Dark Wanderer, Diablo personally spared a human named Marius, and throughout Diablo II, he is shown during the cinematics to be polite and kind to the mortal. However, it is made clear in Act III that Diablo never really saw Marius as a companion and spared and bonded with him just so he had a backup plan in the event Tyrael intervened at Baal's prison, happily abandoning Marius the second he was no longer necessary. Later on in Diablo III, Diablo makes it clear he only saw Marius as a useful tool to be used, as shown when he creates an illusion of him to taunt Tyrael for abandoning him.

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