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Wicked Life God Dezumozorlya is an evil parasite that travelled in an asteroid to Earth. Once landing on the planet it split in two with Earth, into Dino and normal respectively, before it caused terror in both realms. It serves as the main antagonist of Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger.

He was voiced by Masaharu Satō.

What Makes It Pure Evil?

  • When the Dino Earth half first manifested it proceeded to create the Evolian cult which terrorized the peaceful civilians relentlessly.
  • The Earth Dezumozorlya caused mayhem on Earth possessing people through history.
  • Ruined Mikoto Nakadai's life by possessing him on Earth at a certain point that gave him violent and dark tendencies.
  • The Dino Earth Wicked Life God captured Maharo and Mizuho and lied to them that Asuka had abandoned them. Furthermore, telling Asuka had cheated on Maharo by being with another woman now, essentially giving up hope on ever seeing Maharo and not even making an effort to search for her.
  • Therefore brainwashing them to become Jannu and Geilidion.
  • Used this opportunity to impregnate Maharo with his DNA to create a human host that he could inhabit.
  • This serves as a unique crime in the Super Sentai franchise with very few villains committing it.
  • Scorched Dino Earth to a crisp using the Evolian ships killing all the innocents and leaving only one survivor, that being Asuka.
  • The result of the genocide was shown on screen, furthering its heinousness.
  • After awakening in the girl (now named Reje) during the Evolian invasion of Earth, constantly and forcefully usurped control of her body when it felt like.
  • Tortured its minions ruthlessly when they failed, beyond what was truly deserved for petty failure.
  • After being dormant in Reje, made her age up through manipulation for his coming plans.
  • Found sadistic pleasure in now possessing Mikoto through Inextinguishable and later took full control of Rejewel.
  • Used Trinoid 1 to mesmerize innocents and use them as pieces for a new body, with the total attempted death toll being around 100.
  • Spared Maharo out of necessity not honor.
  • Dezumozorlya reinforced Rejewel's body and made an imprisoned Maharo watch her daughter be used as essentially a meat puppet fighter.
  • Trapped Maharo in the palace for her treachery, knowingly taking her away from her family out of contempt.
  • Merged with Mikela and Voff and used the dark emotions of humanity to cause anarchy so a deadly Bakyruu could be raised.
  • Attempted to fully suck Mikoto Nakadi's half of it in order to form a new body that would engulf the Earth and destroy everything in its path.
  • The malice of Dezumozorlya terraformed the castle into a monster and attempted to once more turn this time Earth into a wasteland, out of spite.


  • Dezumozorlya is unique for being one of the most hideous sentai villains to date.


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