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So, you've discovered their true identities. Very perceptive of you. Yes, there was a time when these Zords were the Rhino, the Phoenix, and the Shark Galactabeasts, but three thousand years ago they lost their powers in a great battle, doomed to float forever in an asteroid field. I captured them and rebuilt them for my slaves - the Stratoforce and the Centaurus MegaZords, and the Zenith CarrierZord. Now the only spirit these Zords will ever know is transmitted to them from this controller.
~ Deviot

Deviot is the secondary antagonist from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. He is a robotic extraterrestrial mercenary that secretly plotted against both the alien tyrant Scorpius and his daughter Trakeena.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He tricked Scorpius into thinking the rangers were holding Trakeena hostage so he can kill him.
  • Lied to Trakeena that Leo killed Scorpius directly.
  • Plotted against both Scorpius and Trakeena.
  • Dragged Trakeena into the cocoon and fused with her, making her more evil.
  • Turned the Stratoforce Megazord and Centaurus Megazord evil after capturing them when they lost their powers three thousand years ago.
  • The only other villain he hasn't betrayed is Captain Mutiny, and even then, it's only out of pragmatism and because he doesn't really get a chance to before Trakeena kills him off.


  • He is Pure Evil while his Sentai counterpart Dark Merchant Biznella is not. Biznella, while still evil, is supportive of the Space Pirates Barban and is friends with Destruction King Battobas (the Sentai counterpart of Barbarax).


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