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This world is messy enough. No. What it needs is unification, leadership. It has to be taken out of chaos by someone with complete control. Beijing, Moscow, Washington... When these missiles detonate, the world will turn to the most powerful man on the planet. When I'm finished, the money will take care of its self. You'll be able to do all the research you want.
~ McCullen revealing his plan to the Doctor

Laird James McCullen, later known as Destro, is a recurring antagonist of the G.I. Joe film series, serving as one of the two main antagonists (along with Cobra Commander) of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and a minor antagonist of G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

He is the head of Mars Industries, however later on Rex Lewis originally known as "The Doctor" wrests control of the organization from him and assumes the title of "Cobra Commander" renaming it COBRA.

He was portrayed by Christopher Eccleston, who also played Malekith the Accursed in the Thor: The Dark World.



James McCullen was incredibly self serving and arrogant, only caring for himself and his entire motivation being out of a desire to rule and be on top of everyone else, in spite of his lack of care or genuine affection for anyone else however he did manage to get on with much of his staff and had a relatively easy-going and jokey personality, rarely taking things seriously unless they directly affected him. He held a lot of pride in his culture, heritage and family and despised France after what had happened to his ancestor however kept his mask as a reminder to never get caught in his nefarious schemes. McCullen also had an obscene obsession with the Baroness and loved showing her affection during her brainwashed state, even mocking her ex-boyfriend Duke by kissing her in front of him then openly taunting him about it. McCullen rarely lost his composure however on the occasions when it did happen he proved himself to be quite short-sighted, something which ultimately cost him his face.

After being usurped by Cobra Commander Destro became quiet, subservient and very timid and nervous around his new master and was left in a state of constant misery and frustration since he didn't want to work for him.


McCullen was a tall, slender man with fair skin and handsome, sharp features. He had blue eyes, thick strawberry blonde hair which was always slicked back and white teeth. He was always seen wearing a charcoal pinstripe suit with a black shirt and lavender tie with a pin attached to it. After being badly burned by a flamethrower McCullen's scarred face was healed by Cobra Commander injecting him with nanomites which gave him a permanently chrome head almost identical to his ancestor's mask, his clothes remained the same however the upper half of his suit was significantly charred.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • This is version of Destro are far worse than his cartoons and comic books counterpart's and his lack of cartoons or comics books love's for Baroness.
  • Allowing The Doctor to experiment on his soldiers and brainwash them into mindless, emotionless goons.
  • Using the brainwashed Baroness for romantic purposes.
  • Testing the first Nuclear warhead on the Eiffel Tower and causing huge amounts of damage to Paris.
  • Taunting Duke by flirting with the Baroness in front of him then mocking him for losing her.
  • Having Storm Shadow target the remaining three warheads to Washington DC, Beijing and Moscow in an attempt to destroy the cities and make the world turn to him for power.
  • Trying to kill Duke with a flamethrower.
  • Attempting to kill Cobra Commander before being tortured in servitude by him.


  • This is the only adaptation of Destro to be depicted as Pure Evil, in other media the character is usually depicted as the lesser of two evils when paired with Cobra Commander and does have genuine redeeming qualities, in the films, however, the two are nearly as bad as each other.

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