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I am the National Security Advisor. It's my job to prevent terrorist attacks, not cause them...
~ Derek C. Simmons, denying the truth of his crimes.

Derek Clifford Simmons is one of the two main antagonists of Resident Evil 6, alongside Carla Radames, serving as the main antagonist of Leon's campaign, the secondary antagonist of Ada's campaign, and a supporting antagonist in Jake's campaign.

He is the National Security Adviser of President Adam Benford and leader of the group known as The Family. He is the one who is responsible for the nuclear destruction of Raccoon City and the bioterrorist attack on Tall Oaks which even infects the president as well. He can be encountered in Leon and Ada's campaign.

He is the archenemy of Helena Harper and Leon S. Kennedy in Resident Evil 6.

He was voiced by David Lodge.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Kidnapped women off the streets for Project Ada. Exactly 12,234 women were turned into horrific monstrosities in these inhumane experiments.
  • Despite Simmon's claims that Ada "betrayed" his feelings, Simmons had no problem manipulating and betraying a woman whom did truly love him into becoming his brainwashed Ada clone.
  • His "love" for Ada is simply unhealthy obsession given he is perfectly willing to make a clone of her and his idea of a perfect Ada doesn't even have close to the same personality as the true Ada. Similarly he is just as willing to toss aside Carla, reasoning he can make another Ada.
  • Caused the deaths of roughly 77,000 people by infecting Tall Oaks just to kill President Benford.
  • Asassinated President Benford who had considered Simmons a friend.
  • Blackmailed Helena into assisting him in assassinating the President by threatening to infect her sister, than doing it anyway after Helena successfully met his demand.


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