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The Demiurge is a malevolent figure from varied belief systems, especially gnosticism. While many confuse the Demiurge with an "evil God" stereotype, it is actually a figure below that of the Supreme Being, thus in many ways is a paradoxical deity that lords over the physical plane of existence but is below that of the spiritual realm.

As the maker of the physical world, the Demiurge is obsessed with physical things and its own power, seeking to keep humanity from entering the spiritual realm and thus escaping its rule. The concept of the Demiurge has its roots in much older religions and myths, in which their were often two equally omnipotent deities, one of divine creation and another of divine destruction (a concept later known as dualism).

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Usurped the power and tyrannically ruled over the physical world in the physical plane.
  • Oppressed and tortured humanity.
  • Performed various genocides and murder upon humanity.
  • Corrupted and enslaved the human race.
  • Tried to prevent the humans from obtaining the knowledge of the divine and keep them enslaved in the physical realm under his rule and will alone.


  • He is the one of the few versions of creator god to be Pure Evil.
  • He also has similarities with God from Supernatural for being the evil creator god and both being Pure Evil.

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