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If Sentinel holy blood is spilled on these grounds... you will lose all sovereignty here!
~ Deag Grav on Sentinel Prime before unleashing the Gladiator.
This stops nothing. Earth will be consumed, regardless of what ha-
~ Deag Grav's last words before being killed by Doomguy.

Deag Grav is the secondary antagonist of the 2020 video game Doom Eternal. He is one of the three Hell Priests conducting the demonic invasion of Earth under the Khan Maykr's jurisdiction. He primarily rules the Night Sentinel tribes corrupted by the Maykrs.

He is voiced by Keith Silverstein, who also voices Johan Liebert and Masayoshi Shido.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He, alongside Deag Ranak and Deag Nilox, betrayed Argent D'Nur, transforming most of it into a Maykr-governed dystopia.
  • He made a deal with Commander Valen for access to one of the Wraiths, using its energy to defeat Doomguy and the Night Sentinels and absorb Sentinel Prime.
    • Furthermore, he took advantage of Valen's bargain (the revival of his dead son), using the son's soul to create the Icon of Sin, causing plentiful more death and destruction in the future, as well as leaving Valen betrayed and remorseful.
  • He hosted gladiatorial matches between humans and demons, in which the humans were easily overpowered and killed, much to his own sadistic pleasure.
  • He and the other Hell Priests conducted the demonic invasion of Earth.
  • Before unleashing the Gladiator onto him, he goads Doomguy with the fact that, if he kills him, his sovereignty over Sentinel Prime will automatically be revoked.


  • Alongside the Dark Lord and Samuel Hayden, Deag Grav is arguably Doomguy's most personal enemy, since not only did he train him into a worthy soldier for the Sentinels, but his actions following his deal with Valen are what caused the downfall of Doomguy's team of Night Sentinels and possibly even his entombment prior to the events of Doom.

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