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It all could have been different Mr. Walker...You should've allowed nature to take its course...in the end, it will anyway... SO LET ME IN THE F***ING HOUSE!
~ David to Steven Walker.

David McCall is the main antagonist of the 1996 live-action psychological thriller film Fear.

He is a sociopathic young man with a lengthy criminal record underneath his good looks, which allows him to become easily obsessed with people as well as have constant and violent mood swings.

He was portrayed by Mark Wahlberg in his first villainous role.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • As the film has a low standard, it is easier for him to qualify. But he represents the dangers of dating people solely based on their looks.
  • Sexually harassed Nicole simply for being close to other men.
  • He attempts to gaslight Steven (Nicole's father) into thinking that he's not a bad person and that he truly has Nicole's best interests in heart (This is realistic to some extent, as while real world sexual predators don't necessarily gaslight a victim's family members, they are known to gaslight the victims themselves). When Steven catches on to the gaslighting, and tells him to stay away from his daughter by threatening to castrate him, he taunts him then beats himself up and blames it on him to drive a rift between Steven and Nicole.
  • Rapes Margo while she's drugged during Logan's party, threatening of doing worse if she interferes.
  • Murders Gary by snapping his neck when he stands up for Nicole. And it’s clear that he wishes for him to die terrified.
  • Lied to Nicole about his past when they first met in order for him to look like a good person.
  • Orders Nicole to not trust anyone but him or he will kill her family.
  • When he first meets Nicole's family, he alters Nicole's father's table clock hands when he was distracted so that he would get hurt at his job, as he failed to deliver a project on time.
  • He ultimately doesn't care about Nicole's happiness and only his own, and doesn't see her as her own person.
  • Wrecked Steven Walker's car and left a taunting note on it for him to read.
  • Attacks and infiltrates the Walkers' house with his gang, resulting in him killing Nicole's dog and taking her family hostage, including her 10-year-old brother.
  • Murders his best friend (at least, he referred to him as his best friend) and second in command gang member Logan when he attempts to rape Nicole (though this is somewhat justifiable, he didn't do that because he genuinely wanted to protect Nicole, but, because he wanted her all for himself and nobody else, father included).
  • He doesn't care about his friends and only sees them as pawns.
  • Taunts Nicole of watching her father die for not giving her away.
  • After Nicole stabbed him in the back, he finally realized that she would never love him and tried to kill her.
  • Doesn't truly care about Nicole and sees her as a perverted object.


  • He is similar to Lahmu from Shin Megami Tensei V, though Lahmu is a demon instead of a human, as he is also a sexual predator. Lahmu is also a representation of the dangers of online dating, however, as he did not initially meet Sahori in person.

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