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NOTE: This page is only about his book incarnation as the original film incarnation of David Banner was not voted Pure Evil, and thus only the novel version of David Banner's info and crimes should be put here.

David "Dave" Banner, also known as The Absorbing Man, is the main antagonist of the 2003 film Hulk.

He is the father of Bruce Banner, the titular hero. While he is presented with some redeeming factors in the film, such as feeling remorse for accidentally killing his wife as well as genuinely caring for his son at moments, in the novelization by Peter David, he is stripped of any redeeming qualities and is presented as a bloodthirsty, sadistic monster.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Upon having his research rejected for a human trial by the military, he tests the serum on himself, which results in his son, Bruce, having the same mutated genes.
  • Even before he knew that Bruce could be infected with his genes, he still showed a disdain for children in general and hated his wife, Edith, for giving birth to Bruce.
  • After discovering what happens to Bruce's body when he gets angry, he begins abusing him both physically and emotionally, and draws blood from him to use it for research on his own experiments. This is unlike in the film where he did tests on Bruce with the intent of curing him.
  • When Edith passes out from seeing David draw blood from Bruce, he makes the young boy feel guilty for it just to make him angry.
  • While he seemed to care for Bruce during one Christmas, two hours later he shows disgust for said feeling and regrets ever having it, putting it away.
  • Once Thunderbolt Ross shuts down his experiments upon learning he's been using blood from his own son, David tampers with his military base's Cyclotron to make it explode, uncaring of the fact that it could go nuclear and kill thousands of people. This is unlike in the film where he blows it up by accident.
  • In the film, he tried to kill a young Bruce out of fear for what he could become, but stopped once he stabbed his wife by accident when she got in the way and immediately felt remorse from it. In the novelization, however, he tries to stab kill Bruce for "ruining his life" and once Edith takes the stabbing from Bruce, he's only shocked for a little but continues trying to kill Bruce until Ross and his men show up to arrest him.
  • When David learns that Bruce has become the Hulk, he has his three dogs rip Benny, the janitor who works at Bruce's school, to shreds so he can take his place.
  • He breaks into the lab to steal Bruce's research to experiment on animals, three of which are his dogs, whom he mutates into giant ravenous monsters and sends them to kill Bruce's love interest Betty, later taunting Bruce over the phone about her seemingly upcoming death.
  • Uses the same radiation that infected Bruce on himself, giving him the power to absorb energy. When a security guard catches him, he uses his powers to crush him to death with a steel table.
  • Unlike in the film where he clearly felt guilt for having killed Edith, he shows no such thing in the novelization and uses her death to gain sympathy from Betty – faking remorse while doing so and smiling once she leaves.
  • Intends to absorb energy from Bruce/the Hulk, nearly killing him so he can use his powers to become a god-like being and kill anyone whom he feels wronged him.

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