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Run, little rabbit, run.
~ David's scary line during Ellie's boss fight with him.

David is the secondary antagonist of Naughty Dog's post-apocalyptic survival horror video game The Last of Us, playing the role as the main antagonist for the winter section. He's a survivalist and cannibal leader residing in a small town in post-apocalyptic America.

He was voiced by Nolan North, who also voiced the Penguin in the Batman: Arkham series and Dr. Branden Moses in Generator Rex.


Nothing is known about David's life prior to the cordyceps brain infection outbreak.

At first, David appears to be a soft-spoken and friendly man. However, it is revealed he is actually the leader of a cannibalistic group of hunters. He kidnaps Ellie and tries to convince her to join them and possibly be his lover. However, she refuses and instead insists that he kill her and eat her. Just as he and James are about to chop her up, she claims to be infected and uses their shock and confusion to kill David's right hand man, bite David in the process and escape their slaughterhouse. Ellie attempts to escape the town, but is cornered by David in a burning restaurant.

A fight ensues, and Ellie manages to sneak behind and stab David three times before they are both knocked unconscious. As Ellie gets back to her senses, she crawls towards David's machete, but the cannibal kicks her and says that it's alright to give up and that there's no shame in it. Ellie continues and David kicks her again before pinning Ellie to the floor and beginning to choke the girl (possibly intending to rape her as well). She reaches for David's machete and frantically kills him with it before continually hacking at him. Joel soon arrives and comforts a distraught and emotional Ellie.

Even after his death and moving closer to the Firefly's headquarters, Ellie's encounter with David and the cannibals still remained on her mind, with it seeming that this event costed Ellie whatever was left of her innocence. This however, also strengthened her resolve to reach the Fireflies, saying that all they've gone through can't be for nothing.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • While hardly anyone in the game is a saint (as it illustrates that in an extreme crisis people can decide it’s every person for themselves), David still stands out as one of the worst human beings there is to offer with wholly no redeeming qualities.
  • He's a cannibal who leads a group of other like-minded survivors, women and children included.
    • Speaking of which, while it may not have been David's intention, his group was still responsible for impaling Joel on a rebar in Colorado as they were looking for food there. This event, much like most of the game, is played for a tearjerker.
  • One of David's men refers to Ellie as "David's newest pet", implying that he victimized several other teenage girls in the past.
  • Taunts Ellie about the death of her horse Callus (who got shot by his men), promising not to waste any of the meat.
  • Thanks Ellie for killing a large number of his men, stating it'll just make his group stronger by providing fewer mouths to feed.
  • Trying to groom and repopulate with the 14-year-old Ellie, then nearly kills her when she refuses his advances.
    • Also, judging from Ellie's "he tried to..." line plus the fact that she gets choked into unconsciousness rather than death if she fails the QTE, it's implied that David would've raped and murdered her right then and there had she not grabbed his machete or Joel not intervened. These events ultimately gave her PTSD that still gets her in the springtime.


  • Despite his status as Pure Evil, in an interview with IGN, Nolan North expressed his opinion that David has actually some good on him and that he was intending to keep Ellie alive so he could impregnate her to repopulate the Earth, as few women talented in survival still remain, which means that David actually cares for humanity. If this was confirmed, it would strip David from his Pure Evil status, however this idea is likely abandoned.
  • So far, David is the only villain in the The Last of Us series to be Pure Evil.
  • David does not interact with Joel Miller.

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