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The dark side of the Force lives and manifests itself through me!
~ Krayt proclaiming his power with the dark side

Darth Krayt, born A'Sharad Hett, is a major antagonist from the Star Wars Legends timeline, essentially serving as a supporting protagonist of the Star Wars: Republic comic book series and the main antagonist of the Star Wars: Legacy comic book series. He is a powerful Sith Lord who used to be a Jedi Knight before Order 66, leading him to fall to the Dark Side of the Force and become a Sith. He resurfaces more than 100 years after the Battle of Endor as the founder of the One Sith, a Sith organization which tries to conquer the galaxy.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Renounced his Jedi heritage and joined the Sith.
  • Rejoined the Tusken Raiders and attacked many human settlements on Tatooine, revenge for years of farmers killing Tuskens. He even dueled his old friend Obi-Wan Kenobi, who was defending the Lars moisture farm.
  • Established a new Sith Order known as the One Sith on Korriban so he could seize control of the galaxy, ensuring his position as the sole Dark Lord of the Sith with many lesser Sith Lords serving him.
  • While he did team up with Luke Skywalker to help defeat Abeloth, it was purely for pragmatic reasons.
  • Abducted the young Malincha when she was child, killed her parents, and raised her to become the Sith Lady Darth Maladi.
  • Sparked the Sith-Imperial War, which led to the destruction of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances and the New Jedi Order, killing hundreds of people.
  • Tried to turn Cade Skywalker to the Dark Side of the Force.
  • Ordered the extermination of ten percent of the Mon Calamari species and forced the survivors into forced labor at slave camps so they would eventually die there just because Senator Gial Gahan aided Admiral Gar Stazi in stealing one of Krayt's Star Destroyers.
  • Killed Wyyrlok and took over Coruscant.
  • Killed thousands of people by attacking Coruscant with biological weapons.

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