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I am Entropy. I am Death. I am... Darkseid.
~ Darkseid after arriving on Earth.

Uxas, also known as Darkseid, is the main antagonist of the DC Animated Film Universe, serving as the main antagonist of Justice League War, the unseen overarching antagonist of The Death of Superman, the central antagonist of Reign of the Superman and the main antagonist of Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. He was a "New God" and the leader of Apokolips who seeks to rule the entire universe and destroy the Justice League.

In Justice League: War, he was voiced by Steve Blum, who also voiced Vilgax in the Ben 10 franchise, the Green Goblin in The Spectacular Spider-Man and Red Skull in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. In Reign of the Supermen and Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, he was voiced by Tony Todd, who also played Captain Darrow in The Rock, Benjamin Juma in the 24 franchise, The Fallen in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Zoom in The Flash TV series.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Has conquered and massacred the population of countless worlds.
  • Invaded Earth, kidnapped and had Desaad torture Superman and broke Green Lantern's arm.
  • Bombed multiple cities on Earth before being driven back.
  • Sent Doomsday to Earth, who caused a lot of destruction and death before killing Superman.
  • Horrifyingly mutilated aliens and humans into more Parademons.
  • He caused mass destruction on Earth, killing a lot of people.
  • Was responsible for the death of Terri and Hank Henshaw, resurrected the latter and corrupted him into Cyborg Superman in an attempt to obliterate Metropolis and conquer Earth.
  • Betrayed Henshaw that he would destroy Superman instead of letting Henshaw do it.
  • He sends his minions into space with the intent of having them terrorize and invade other worlds so that he can eventually take over the universe.
  • He gets enraged when his servants do not do what he says like when Henchman closed the Boom-Tube as he ripped out the implant in his head.
  • Conquered Earth, killed most of the Justice League and brainwashed Batman into being his servant while he forced other members of the Justice League to be part of his Female Furries while converting others into horrible fusions of machines.
  • Had a brainwashed Batman kill numerous people and then ordered him to murder his own son Damain Wayne.
  • Darkseid laces Superman's body with liquid Kryptonite to leave him in a de-powered state, straps Batman to a Mobius chair to torture him, forces Flash to endlessly run on a treadmill to serve as a power generator, forces Cyborg to subjugate into Apokolips itself and brainwashes him to become subservient, and brainwashing Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Mera, and later Starfire (after the Paradooms' invasion on Earth killing the Teen Titans) to become his Furies while equipping their torn bodies with cybernetic parts.
  • When Batman defied his brainwashing and refused to kill his own son, Darkseid attempted to kill Batman with his Omega Beams but wound up killing Damian instead as he took the blast and was rather happy with the results. Damian would have stayed dead had it not been for Raven reviving him.
  • After Superman regained his powers and attacked him, Darkseid mocked Superman over the death of Lois Lane.


  • Despite the many adaptations of Darkseid being Pure Evil, many viewers view this one to be the evilest of them all due to his crimes in Apokolips War, even then he is undeniably Pure Evil in the other films also.
  • He is shown to be so evil and despicable in Apokolips War, that the climax actually makes viewers root for Trigon in their battle, which really says something about how unlikable this Darkseid truly is.
  • Darkseid is the one of the three villains from the DC Animated Film Universe to be Pure Evil, along with Professor Zoom and Talia al Ghul.

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