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I. Am. The. New. God. All is one in Darkseid. This mighty body is my church. When I command your surrender, I speak with three billion voices. When I make a fist to crush your resistance. It is with three billion hands. When I stare into your eyes and shatter your dreams. And break your heart. It is with six billion eyes. Nothing like Darkseid has ever come among you; nothing will again. I will take you to a hell without exit or end. And there I will murder your souls! And make you crawl and beg! And die! Die! DIE FOR DARKSEID!
~ Darkseid
The most powerful beings of this Earth...CRUSHED and HELPLESS at my feet. And once this planet is consumed...I'll send my forces out to slaughter any ragtag survivors who slipped through my grasp. Such is the annihilation that is Darkseid!
~ Darkseid

Uxas, better known as Darkseid, is one of the main antagonists of DC Comics. Initially serving as the main antagonist of the New Gods comic book series, he later became one of the three main antagonists (alongside Lex Luthor and Brainiac) of the Superman franchise and one of the three main antagonists (alongside Vandal Savage and Anti-Monitor) of the Justice League franchise.

He is a merciless and tyrannical member of an extraterrestrial race of deities known as New Gods. He is the archenemy of Orion, his son named Highfather, the rest of New Genesis, the JLA, and one of the DC universe's most powerful and malevolent villains of all time.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

In General

  • As the ruler of Apokolips, he subjects the population to hellish conditions where he uses them as abused slaves such as forcing them to work in slave mines and kills them for the slightest disobedience.
  • Seeks to increase his tyranny to the entire multiverse by enslaving everyone with the Anti-Life equation, which erases their minds and free will and forces them to serve him against their will as slaves for all eternity.
  • Has conquered many planets in the multiverse and subjected the populations to his tyrannical rule.
  • While he had a genuinely tragic past of being abused and lost his wife Suli, a woman he truly ever loved before his mother, Heggra, killed her, he’s still far past it as the abuse doesn’t excuse any of his heinous crimes and the loss of Suli doesn’t serve as the motivator for any of his horrible actions except the avenging her death by killing Heggra but afterwards he dishonors her memory by embracing his hegemonic heritage and embarks on a quest for godhood and world domination and commits evil for his own selfish purposes to the point where he doesn’t even reference her anymore. Thus it’s clear he moved on from his love for her, despite it grieving him in the past. Furthermore, he is perfectly willing to abuse and even kill his son Kalibak despite him being the child of him and Suli.
  • Tries to kill his “favorite” son Orion multiple times, even succeeding once in Final Crisis.
  • Constantly abuses and mistreats his son Kalibak, despite him being his and Suli's child, even killing him without hesitation numerous times whenever he failed him, later bringing him back to life only because he believed his death would "teach him a lesson".
  • Has forcefully transformed people in Parademons by deconstructing their genetic material and modifying them to serve him as slaves.
  • Kills his henchmen when they question his actions, outlive their usefulness or show approval for his decisions and tortures them with fates worse than death when they fail him.
  • Has launched many attacks on Earth in an attempt to conquer it, killing hundreds to thousands of people and putting him into conflict with Superman and the Justice League.


  • Created a planet known as Daxam and enslaved the entire population of super powered men and women so he could use them to take over the universe.


  • Killed his older brother, Drax, so he can get his place in the throne and gain the Omega effect.
  • Corrupted Desaad into becoming his most loyal minion by tricking him into burying his pet cat alive after thinking it had killed his bird, then manipulating the boy into killing the bird when it was revealed to have been alive the entire time.
  • Imprisoned and later had Desaad fatally poison his own mother (although she deserved it).
  • Caused the destruction of the Fourth World of New Gods.
  • Corrupted Martian Manhunter's brother, Malefic, and turned him into a mind rapist.
  • When one of his concubines noticed he was thinking about his son's, he killed her with his Omega Beams and then ordered all of his future concubines to have their throats cut out as well so they could never tell the people of Apokolips about it.
  • Attacked Themyscira in an attempt to take over the Olympian deities and steal their power, killing half of the Amazons in the process and destroying Olympus.
  • Kidnapped Supergirl and brainwashed her into being his minion simply to hurt Superman in an attempt to attack Earth.
  • Brainwashed and forced Superman and Mister Miracle's wife to perform an adult movie together, complete with kissing, even waiting until Mister Miracle arrived so he could see the look on his face and later sadistically offering him the tape of it.
  • Kidnapped Shilo Norman and shot him in the head, nearly killing him.
  • Kidnapped Jimmy Olsen so he could be a container for the power of the New Gods. Once Jimmy got powers, Darkseid beat him up and prepared to kill him before The Atom distracts him from Jimmy.
  • Created a club known as the "Dark Sides Club", where he brainwashed superhumans with drugs and forced them to fight to the death. He also sent the Terror Titans to kidnap the Teen Titans and force them to fight in it as well.
  • In Final Crisis, he:
    • Attempted to destroy the multiverse and all life in it by opening a black hole simply because he was dying.
    • Mortally wounded Lois Lane, with only Superman managing to find her a cure through time travel saving her from dying.
    • Had his minions capture and torture Dan Turpin until his spirit broke compeltely and he submitted to Darkseid's will, allowing Darkseid to control his body.
    • Used the Anti-Life Equation to rob humanity free will and turn them into savages that serve him as a god while he tortures them to death just for fun. He also put his soul into everyone's body on Earth after enslaving them with the Anti-Life Equation, so that if Superman killed him it would kill everyone on Earth as well.
    • Forced the heroes to serve as his enforcers, including Wonder Woman.
    • Turned Earth into a brutal concerntration camp where people are worked to death and police are extremly brutal towards them, with a lady even nearly getting raped at one point.
    • Framed Hal Jordan for murder.
    • Killed Martian Manhunter and hit Batman with his Omega Beams, sending him back in time. Once Batman would return to the present, Darkseid would have it so that Earth would be completely destroyed upon his return. Although the heroes managed to prevent Earth's destruction, Darkseid still killed Batman with his omega beams when he arrived back in the present anyways.
    • Destroyed the entire population of Bludhaven.
    • Successfully destroyed the multiverse and all of reality upon his death, though Superman used a time machine to reverse this but Batman and Martian Manhunter stayed dead.

New 52

  • Raped Granny Goodness with blackmail, and even made her kill her own beloved pet dog Mercy.
  • Killed his father Yuga Khan while still Uxas, and orchestrated a war between the Old Gods to steal power from them and would then kill the Gods after they were exhausted from their battle. He also destroyed his home planet in this scenario.
  • Destroyed countless planets in the multiverse, including Earth-3, while chasing after Kaiyo, whom he wanted to kill simply for disobeying his order.
  • Ordered invasions on Prime-Earth and Earth-Two, killing millions in the process, including the Earth-Two versions of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman.
  • After failing in his invasion of Prime-Earth, he directed his attention to Earth-Two and conquered it, using it as a living battery for Apokolips before eventually destroying Earth-Two.
  • Took over Lena Luthor's mind and used her send to Superman and Lex Luthor to Apokolips, where he ordered Dessad to release prisoners from slave camps and offered freedom to anyone who killed Superman, hoping to break Superman's spirit by getting him to kill innocent slaves.
  • After being transformed into a child, he used his daughter Grail to kill Greek Gods to restore his power, including Wonder Woman's father Zeus.
  • Planning to take back his throne on Apokolips, he organized an attack on the Amazon island Themyscira and turned many Amazons into a breed of Parademons.
  • Murders the Quintessence and the Spectre.
  • Nearly killed Superman with his Omega Beams and broke Green Lantern's arm.

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