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Darkonda is a malicious bounty hunter that works for the United Alliance of Evil, the most powerful general of both, Astronema and Dark Specter, and one of the two secondary antagonists of Power Rangers In Space (the other being Ecliptor).

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Kidnapped Karone when she was just a child. In the present, he calls it one of his finest accomplishments and his only remorse is that he didn't kill Andros while he was at it.
  • Brainwashed Ecliptor to capture Karone.
  • Brainwashed Karone back to Astronema.
  • Released a Barillian bug to sting Carlos and turn him into a monster and turn the other rangers into monsters as well.
  • Disguises himself as a KO-35 Rebel to report their location to Dark Specter, then unleashes the Coralizer monster to turn them into Coral and frames the four ex-Turbo-turned Space Rangers as the culprits until Andros and Zhane arrive.
  • Betrayed and killed Dark Specter just so he can rule the universe in his place, though he ironically saves the Earth, while Dark Specter manages to kill him.
  • Unlike Dark Specter, who is made of evil and only knows how to be evil, Darkonda is fully capable of understanding right and wrong and chooses to do what is wrong.


  • He is the very first Power Rangers villain to be Pure Evil.
    • But originally, Lord Zedd was first remembered to be the franchise's first ever Power Rangers Pure Evil. However, due to the negative feedback and complaint from viewers' parents, stating it is "too dark for children" and from churches stating the character is "satanic", Zedd slowly loses his role and permanently loses it when he married Rita Repulsa and costed him his tone (this later on disappointed fans as they referred Zedd as the most serious and evil villain before Darkonda came in).
    • He is also the only Pure Evil villain to from the Zordon era. The ones that follow are post-Zordon.
  • His Super Sentai counterpart is Guirail.

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