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mission.The_Dark_Lord = destroy(The_Chosen_One);
~ The Dark Lord's only purpose before it went rogue
He somehow figured out how to get my stick figure on his side.
~ The Animator about the Dark Lord becoming a villain

The Dark Lord is the secondary antagonist of the Animator vs. Animation franchise by Alan Becker. It is the best friend-turned-second archenemy of the Chosen One.

It serves as the deuteragonist-turned-secondary antagonist of Animator vs. Animation III, a mentioned antagonist in Animator vs. Animation IV and the titular main antagonist of Animator vs. Animation V.

It was a stick figure created to fight the Chosen One, but ended up joining him in causing destruction across the entire Internet. However, the Dark Lord's ruthlessness increases to the point that it creates an army of computer viruses with the intentions of destroying as many computers as possible.

What Makes It Pure Evil?

  • It destroyed the Animator's computer after teaming up with the Chosen One, and although their creator deserved it, it ultimately killed countless innocent programs in the process (all of them as intelligent as the Dark Lord).
  • It and the Chosen One went on a rampage across the Internet that lasted seven years, with even the Chosen One becoming scared of the Dark Lord's actions. While no victims were confirmed, they were heavily implied.
  • During the rampage, it started terrorizing and most likely killing fellow stick figures for no reason other than sadism.
    • That's noticeably the point where the Chosen One starts having second thoughts about their actions.
  • It created an army of viruses called ViraBots with the intention of destroying computers around the world.
    • Noticeably, that's when the Chosen One realized the Dark Lord has gone too far and it should be stopped.
    • If the Chosen One's vision is to believed, he might have also wanted to murder even more stick figures with the ViraBots.
    • The Dark Lord presents the ViraBots' powers by pulling one of their spikes and stabbing a globe with it, making it corrode into nothingness. One could take it as symbolism of the Dark Lord trying to destroy every computer in the entire world with its creations.
    • Had it succeeded, the Dark Lord would have the blood(?) of countless programs on its hands, given that most of them are sapient. This would also include stick figures, as it's confirmed that the Animator is not the only one who owns them.
  • While it planned to infect computers by spreading them on popular Internet websites, its hatred towards the Animator made it send one to his new computer personally by using a cannon.
    • That also proves how far has the Dark Lord gone into villainy. The Chosen One was made by the Animator simply because he was looking for a challenge (implying he was created just to die in a battle) and then enslaved for four years, but ultimately decided to redeem himself and save the Animator. Meanwhile, the Dark Lord gained its revenge seven years ago by destroying his first computer, but chose to go even higher by destroying his second computer, despite the fact that the Animator helped him in combat (although rarely) and that he has wronged the Dark Lord only once by ignoring him when it was about to die. Also, by the time the Dark Lord tried to destroy the second computer, the Animator has already redeemed himself and became friends with five stick figures.
  • Despite being best friends with the Chosen One for seven years, it had no problem with killing him when he tried to stop him.
  • Although it is proud and excited about the ViraBots' powers, it can be considered praising itself as it invented the virus. Besides, it doesn't have anything against sending them to fight to the death.
  • Although it did accept the Second Coming's challenge to a fight, it was clear that it didn't want to give him even the smallest chance by creating a spike using its wristband.
  • It killed the Fighting Stick Figures with cold blood, even kicking Red's body while it was dying.
  • When the Second Coming was still alive and even had the fighting spirit despite being stabbed twice, the Dark Lord threw it into the air and slashed it multiple times.
  • It has absolutely no motive for its actions other than sheer sadism.
  • It completely destroys the heinous standard, as any sort of competition has redeemed itself or suffers from off-screen villainy. The only one that can truly compete with it is the omnicidal King Orange.
  • Although it does have a Freudian Excuse of the Animator not caring about its near-death, it stops justifying his actions.
  • Despite being artificial intelligence, it (just like the majority of AI's in the series) has tons of moral agency such as breaking its lines of code and becoming a villain even if he was made to be a protector of the Animator's computer.
  • Although it had some comedic moments during Animator vs. Animation III, they don't detract from its heinousness and one of them even shows its power. Besides, he lacks any comedic moments after becoming villainous.


  • The Dark Lord is the only villain in the entire Animator vs. Animation franchise (including the spin-off Animation vs. Minecraft, where he does not appear in) to be Pure Evil.


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