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Oh, don't worry about your wife! We gave her a nice honeymoooooooon!
~ Dario about raping Felix's wife to her death.

Dario is a secondary antagonist in the James Bond film License to Kill. He is Franz Sanchez's right-hand man.

He was portrayed by Benicio del Toro.


Before the film's events, he was a member of the right-wing rebel group Contras, but was kicked out for his brutality. He then found his way into Franz Sanchez's drug cartel, becoming one of Sanchez's closest henchman.

In the start of the film Dario is seen alongside Franz Sanchez. When they break into Lupe Lamora's house. Sanchez orders Dario to cut her boyfriend's heart. Dario pulls out a pocket knife and drags the man outside to kill him.

After releasing Sanchez, Dario aids him in kidnapping Felix Lieter and murders his wife (which is highly implied to be by rape). Dario is later present during the maiming of Lieter. When the CIA agents asks where is his wife, he mockingly responds "Don't worry, we gave her a nice honeymoon" and laughs as Lieter gets attacked by a shark.

Later on in the film, he is sent to assassinate Pam Bouvier but is stopped by Bond. After a brawl in the bar Bouvier escaoes with 007.

He is last seen in the climax of the film, in Sanchez's cocaine plant. After bond sets the lab on fire, Sanchez orders Dario to kill Bond (by throwing him into the cocaine grinder). As he is cutting the rope that Bond is holding onto, he is disracted by Bouvier (which he thought was dead). Bond then grabs his boot and he falls into the grinder, screaming in pain is shredded.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He allies with the brutal right-winged rebel group Cartel and gets kicked out for being extremely brutal.
  • He kills Lupe Lamora's boyfriend by cutting out his heart.
  • He murders Feilix Lieter's wife Della, which is implied to be by rape.
  • He joins Sanchez in the maiming of Feilix Lieter and laughs as Leiter gets bitten by a shark.
  • He attempts to throw Bond into a cocaine grinder.


  • Dario is, alongside Franz Sanchez, one of two James Bond villains from the Timothy Dalton era to be Pure Evil.
    • Coincidentally, both villains come from the same film of that era: Licence to Kill.
    • He alongside Xenia Onatopp, General Medrano, and Valdo Obruchev, is one of the four James Bond Pure Evils who are not the main antagonists of their respective films.

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