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... Tee hee. You haven't changed a bit... Mia Fey.
~ Dahlia's sweeter side.
Do. You. Think. You've. Won? Well!? Do you, Mia Fey? Heh. Heh. Heh. Heheh... That's. Just. Fine!
~ Dahlia's darker side.

Dahlia Hawthorne is the main antagonist of Phoenix Wright: Ace attorney- Trials and Tribulations. She is a heartless serial killer who uses her sweet appearance and demeanor to manipulate people.

In the Japanese anime, she was voiced by Rina Sato. In the English version, she is voiced by Dani Chambers.


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What Makes her Pure Evil?

  • Exiled and disinherited her own twin sister at eight years old.
  • Used her step-sister Valerie and lover Terry Fawles to steal the diamond from her father, manipulating the latter into faking a kidnapping.
  • Murdered her own step-sister who had helped her to tie up loose ends.
  • Manipulated Terry Fawles into thinking she loved him and convinced him to kill himself if he lost faith on her.
  • Incriminated Terry Fawles of killing Valerie Hawthorne.
  • Poisoned Diego Armando. While he survived, his eyesight got severely damaged.
  • After giving Phoenix Wright the container she used to poison Diego Armando supposedly as a gift, she considered killing him until Iris persuaded to let her impersonate her and date him to get the container.
  • Murdered her ex-boyfriend Doug Swallow to cover all loose ends and tried to pin the death on Phoenix.
  • Attempted to kill Phoenix Wright by poisoning his cough medicine.
  • Teamed up with her mother to kill Maya by tricking Pearl into channeling her after she was executed. Dahlia was willing to possess and possibly cause the death of a little girl who was her younger sister, only being stopped because someone else channeled her instead. Even if she was initially shocked by Morgan's proposal, she went along with it anyway without a second thought.
  • Attempted to kill Maya when she was channeled.
  • Pinned Misty Fey's murder on Maya Fey by writing Maya in a shrine and later by falsely claiming to be a witness of Maya killing Misty while she was impersonating Iris.
  • Attempted to kill Godot a second time when he stepped in to defend Maya.
  • During the earthquake, she trapped Iris in the cage she was imprisoned and impersonated her.
  • Emotionally abused Phoenix Wright by mocking him while disguised as Iris.
  • When her murder plan failed, she tried to pin the blame on her own twin as well purely out of spite.

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