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This one's mine. Cook her while I have the little one for an appetizer. You know, because I'm a meaner!
~ Dag, before trying to kill the hens and Maddy the chick.

Dag is the overarching antagonist of the Barnyard franchise, serving as the main antagonist of the 2006 animated film Barnyard.

He is a sadistic serial-killing red coyote and the archenemy to Otis, leading a pack of other coyotes trying to kidnap the hens on the farm for food.

He was voiced by David Koechner.


Dag and his gang have had previous encounters with the Barnyard animals, most likely attempts on the hens but were stopped by the Barnyard's leader Ben, whom Dag greatly feared.

Dag and five of his gang break into the hen-house and nearly steals a few of the hens, only to be stopped by Ben. Dag was terrified the moment he saw Ben, but quickly changed his attitude to hide his fear. Dag pointed out how he and his coyotes out numbered Ben, but Ben was unfazed and challenged the coyotes. While Ben initially had the upper hand in the beginning, Dag sneaked up behind him and bit Ben's neck. As the fight continued outside, Dag sneaked behind Ben while he was distracted with the other coyotes, and bit his leg, giving him rabies. Ben collapsed and the other coyotes pounced on him. Dag attempted to sneak off with some hens, but Ben grabbed his leg, used him to beat up the other coyotes, and came out victorious. Ben also spared Dag, who cowardly ran off. Despite saving the hens, Ben was heavily injured from his fight and collapsed in front of the hen-house. When Ben's adoptive son, Otis found him, he cradled him to comfort him, but Ben succumbed from his injuries after his fight as he died in Otis' arms.

Later, Otis tries to take vengeance on Dag, but he loses his burst of courage as soon as the coyote noticed him. Dag sadistically shames Otis by telling him that things would have been different if he was there for Ben. He then makes a "deal" with Otis, telling him that he will only steal a few animals each night, but if Otis tried to do anything about it, Dag and his pack would slaughter every animal in sight, possibly including the farmer. In the morning, Otis decides to leave the barnyard, realizing that he has no chance.

However, the next morning, Otis was informed that the coyotes took all of the hens and his chick friend named Maddy, making Otis realize that Dag double-crossed him, since he was not expecting him and the coyotes until tonight. Otis then went off to the junkyard to rescue the chickens.

Otis arrives at the junkyard just in time to prevent Dag from devouring Maddy, but Dag's goons easily overpower him. Dag sneaked around Otis and bit his leg, just as he had done to Ben, and the rest of the pack pounced on him. Dag mocks Otis, and joins the rest of the pack as they prepare to eat the hens. Fortunately, Miles the mule, Pip the mouse, Freddie the ferret, Peck the rooster, Pig the pig, and the Jersey Cows arrive to help Otis and Dag's goons were easily defeated.

Eventually, Dag attempts a sneak attack on Otis similarly to how he overpowered Ben, but Otis was warned by Peck, who successfully did a loud crow. Otis caught Dag by the throat, hit his head against a bus window and threatened to punch him to death in a fit of rage, like his father did; but instead, Otis warns the evil coyote to never come back and he fearfully agrees, making Dag scared enough to believe Otis will kill him the next time he sees him. Otis then whacks Dag with a golf club, sending him flying far, far out into the distance while howling in pain, finally ending his & coyote packs' terror once and for all and avenging Ben and rest of the hens which Dag and his coyote packs had killed.

Even though it is plausible that he survived, it is unknown what has happened to Dag afterwards. It is possible that he and the other coyotes still live in the junkyard and presumably found new hunting grounds. Either way, it's possible that they never bothered Otis and the farm animals again after their defeat as they're too scared to face them again.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Keeps a keychain of chicken feet from his previous meals to frighten his victims.
  • Tries to steal six hens away from the farm for food, threatening to take more if they make any noise.
  • Kills Ben with the help of his gang.
  • Blames Otis for Ben's death just to make him sad.
  • Threatens to kill everyone on the farm, maybe even the human farmer too, if Otis tries to stop the coyotes from taking only a few animals per night. He then breaks his deal with Otis by stealing hens (and a baby chick) during the daytime instead.
  • Tries to devour the chick Maddy just for calling him a "meaner".
  • Nearly kills Otis by doing a sneak attack on him, just as he did Ben.
  • Has no comedic moments or redeeming qualities and is taken completely seriously, unlike most other characters in the Barnyard universe.
    • Even at one point where he made a fat joke when he told Otis "see ya around" and made a joke out of the "round" part it doesn't make him Laughably Evil as his loathsome villainy far outweighs it and the joke is completely minor due to his total cruelty, cowardice and gleeful sadism.


  • Dag is very similar to Scar from the The Lion King, which is one of the criticisms Barnyard received.
    • Dag is shown to be just as sadistic and cruel, but cowardly as Scar.
    • Both of them are responsible for the deaths of fathers of the protagonists (Mufasa and Ben respectfully).
    • Both of them blame the deaths of the respective protagonists' fathers on the protagonists (Scar to Simba, Dag to Otis).
    • Both protagonists (Simba and Otis) eventually face off against their enemies and avenge their fathers by defeating both villains.
    • Both of them lead a pack of animals; hyenas for Scar, and coyotes for Dag.
    • Both of them (upon being defeated) were warned by their respective protagonists to leave their territory and never return. Although, Dag cowardly agrees while Scar bitterly disagrees (despite pretending to be agreed).
    • The only real difference between the two is that Dag hunts for food (albeit in a sadistic manner) and Scar wants power. Additionally Dag is unrelated to Otis and Ben, unlike Scar who is the uncle of Simba and the brother of Mufasa
  • Dag is the only Barnyard villain to be Pure Evil, as well as the only one to be from a Nickelodeon or Paramount movie.
  • Some say Dag doesn't qualify due to him and his pack wanting food to eat and survive. This is not a disqualification however, because he takes sick pleasure in taunting and murdering his victims. He is also thin enough where some of his ribs can be shown, which heavily implies the whole food angle is just an excuse and he actually kills for the fun of it.
    • Another debatable quality is his relationship with his pack, as he allows them kill and eat the chickens (even letting them choose which to take) and his pack faithfully follow his orders without a hint of fear, but it is not clear if he really loved or cared for them, or simply saw them as useful tools to do his bidding.

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