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DOR-15, more commonly known as Doris, is the main antagonist of Disney's 47th full-length animated feature film Meet the Robinsons.

Her vocal effects were provided by Ethan Sandler.



DOR-15 was originally an invention known as a "Helping Hat", a robotic hat that performed menial tasks for its master. However, though the cause of this thinking is unknown, Doris began to believe she had more potential, demonstrating by exerting mind-control powers over her test subject. As a result, her inventor, who turns out to be the future version of Lewis, supposedly shut her down and sealed her away in a prototype chamber. But Doris rebooted and escaped, vowing revenge on Lewis.

She met future Goob during his attempt to "ruin" Robinson Industries (which ultimately consisted of throwing eggs and toilet paper at the building and shouting, "Robinson, you stink!"), and the two hid out in a girly-themed restaurant to concoct a scheme. Doris proposed using one of the two time machines invented by Lewis, and the two formed a team, thus establishing Goob's identity as the "Bowler Hat Guy".

Meet the Robinsons

Doris sabotages Lewis's invention, the Memory Scanner, during the science fair at his school. When everyone evacuates the gym in the ensuing chaos, Doris reassembles the machine, and she and Bowler Hat Guy take it to Inventco to present to the board of directors. Despite Doris aiding Bowler Hat Guy by providing cues from outside the window, the presentation ultimately fails due to Bowler Hat Guy not knowing how to operate the Memory Scanner. It falls apart, but Doris reminds Bowler Hat Guy that Lewis can fix it and show them how it works, so they travel to the orphanage where Lewis lives.

While searching for him, Doris detects samples of Wilbur Robinson's DNA along with "time travel residue", concluding that Lewis went with Wilbur into the future. She and Bowler Hat Guy travel to the future as well and hide out in the Robinsons' garden. Doris instructs Bowler Hat Guy to stay in the time machine, and produces a miniature version of herself for him to pilot.

Doris locates Lewis in the dining room as he is having dinner with the Robinsons, and begins sawing at the chandelier in an attempt to trap him. She is interrupted when Bowler Hat Guy brings a brainwashed T-Rex from the past in an attempt to capture Lewis. The entire family springs into action to rescue Lewis, and Wilbur manages to dislodge Mini-Doris from the T-Rex's head. Mini-Doris is then captured by the frogs and locked in their trunk, presumably deactivating her. Doris returns to Bowler Hat Guy and slaps him with the control panel in her rage.

When Lewis storms off, angry at Wilbur, Doris and Bowler Hat Guy approach him and convince him to fix the Memory Scanner, promising to take him to when his mother first left him at the orphanage. When Lewis fixes the Memory Scanner, and tells Bowler Hat Guy how to start it up, Doris ties Lewis up. Bowler Hat Guy reveals to Lewis that he is in fact the future version of Goob, his former roommate and friend in the orphanage, and recounts how he came to hate Lewis and decided to ruin his future.

Lewis attempts to escape with the Memory Scanner, aided by Wilbur and Carl, the family robot. Doris pursues them, destroys Carl and retrieves the Memory Scanner, and she and Goob escape into the past. The future world changes around Lewis, and he finds himself in a dark room with the Memory Scanner. It reveals Goob's success in the past at pawning off Lewis's invention, as well as his additional presentation of Doris. As it turns out, the mass-produced Helping Hats take over the city, which was Doris's plan all along. Goob tried to stop it but was taken to the ground by multiple Doris hats and ether killed or brainwashed by Doris. Doris then appears, her memories having been what Lewis just saw, and sets the entire Robinson family on Lewis.

Lewis hides in the broken time machine, managing to fix it in time and escape. Doris and the Robinsons pursue him in a gigantic construct resembling her. Lewis goes back in time to Goob's presentation to the Inventco board and warns him about Doris's plan. Doris attempts to kill Lewis, but Lewis vows to never invent her, and, with her creation erased from history, Doris ceases to exist, defeating her for good.

What Makes Her Pure Evil?

  • At first glance, Doris seems like a criminal partner and friend of Bowler Hat Guy, being happy to help him ruin Lewis' future by presenting his inventions as his own (including the Memory Scanner and even Doris herself). However, this is nothing more than a facade, as she is actually a manipulative terrorist who was only teaming up with him to get what she wants. Eventually, he wasn't needed anymore, so she had her Helper Hats attack him.
  • She sneaks into the Robinson household and attempts to saw off the chandelier above Wilbur Robinson. Had she not been distracted by Goob summoning Tiny to attack the Robinsons, she most likely would've successfully crushed Wilbur to death, in front of his entire family no less.
  • The way she takes the memory scanner from Carl is surprisingly dark for a G-rated movie. She could've just stolen the Memory Scanner box from Carl, but instead, she murders him by ripping out his core, with the electricity crackling out of his body as he gasps for his life before his dying breath. While he isn't a human being, he is still a sentient lifeform.
  • She attempts to force Lewis's family to kill him, with all of his future family members brainwashed by the Helping Hats and Doris screeching immediately before they bang on the time machine so it would fall off the balcony with Lewis inside.
  • She takes over the entire city with everyone brainwashed by the helping hats and forced to work in very dangerous conditions against their will. Some examples include the citizens being forced to work at deadly factories and dump out garbage into a fiery incinerator.
  • When Goob discovered DOR-15's true plot and expressed his horror to her, she merely sent a bunch of Helping Hats to either brainwash or kill him. Presumably, she only did so simply because she thought Goob was too narrow-minded for her tastes.
  • It’s implied, though not confirmed, that she did not give the helping hats the freedom she herself wanted, as they share a hive mind with her.
  • It's also implied that Dor-15 planned to attack other cities, hence the reason for her building more bowler hats when the city was more or less already conquered.
  • When Lewis exposes her true plans to Goob, she tries to kill him by using her buzzsaws to shred the former apart while he is still conscious.
  • Despite being a robot, she has:
    1. A clear moral agency, as she was originally designed to help people and seemed to enjoy it at first as a test subject, but then turned against them and hated them by her own volition, thus choosing to become evil and plot to enslave the city.
    2. A manipulative personality, as she tricked the Bowler Hat Guy (Mike Yaggobian from the future) by making it look like she wanted to help him ruin Lewis's future, but turned on him when he was no longer needed for her true plans and ether kills him or enslaves him.
    3. A petty excuse, as while her potential was underestimated by Lewis, it is undermined by all of her crimes. Additionally, she decided that she was made to be "a slave to humankind" even though she shows no signs of abuse and was treated rather fairly, meaning that no one forced her to do it.


  • DOR-15 is the only Pure Evil in a Disney animated feature film to be female (though technically she is genderless due to being an AI).
  • DOR-15 is the first Disney Pure Evil to appear in a CGI animated feature film (excluding Pixar), the second being King Runeard from Frozen II.

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