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I'd be happy to come down there and lend you a tail, as long as you say what you need to say.
~ D-Stroy manipulating an apology out of D-Structs, in the titular episode D-Stroy.
~ D-Stroy's message after Ty Rux and the gang escape the Crater at the end of the episode Bad Build.

D-Stroy is the overarching antagonist of the Dinotrux franchise, serving as one of the two main antagonists of Dinotrux Supercharged (along with his brother D-Structs).

He, alongside his younger brother D-Structs, are Ty Rux's main archenemies. However, unlike D-Structs, D-Stroy has no redeeming traits, and is smarter, stronger, more ambitious, and overall, much more conniving and dangerous.

He was voiced by Brian Dobson.


D-Stroy is D-Structs's older brother, and the two used to work in tandem. One day, both of them tried to attack three Hydrodons. However, after failing to take them down, D-Structs deserted D-Stroy, leaving D-Stroy to be damaged by the Hydrodons, resulting in D-Stroy losing part of his right horn. D-Structs never came back to his brother, and the two ended up completely falling out.

D-Stroy's first physical appearance is in the titular premiere of Dinotrux Supercharged's second season "D-Stroy". Earlier, his brother D-Structs had been put out of action by several Scraptors, forcing D-Structs' henchman Skrap-it to find another T-Trux. Skrap-it eventually finds D-Stroy's hideout, and asks D-Stroy to help D-Structs. When D-Stroy first meets D-Structs, the two have a terse conversation about their history. D-Stroy derides D-Structs, causing D-Structs to tell his brother to be off with himself. However, after more Scraptors render D-Structs completely stuck, D-Stroy agrees to help, on the condition that D-Structs apologizes for abandoning him before. D-Structs eventually gives in, and D-Stroy succors D-Structs in defeating the Scraptors. However, D-Stroy still feels sour about D-Structs' betrayal, and spies on D-Structs and Skrap-it, finding out that D-Structs resides in a place called the Crater.

D-Stroy's only other appearance in season 2 is in the season finale "Bad Build". He silently witnesses D-Structs's botched effort to capture Ty Rux's group. D-Stroy suggests to D-Structs that the two of them work together to fight Ty and his friends (called the Renegades), and leads him to a dozing mother Dreadtrux. The two start to abuse the Dreadtrux as part of their plan. After they are done, D-Stroy encroaches the Flatirons (the home of Ty's group and their builds) and inserts helium ore (which the Dreadtrux is attracted to) into Ty's builds. Afterwards, D-Stroy and D-Structs sabotage and destroy several of Ty's builds, before making a quick exit. As Ty and his friends attempt to reconstruct them, the two D-Bros. unleash the Dreadtrux and fight Ty and company. Ty and his allies come to the horrible conclusion that they are unable to vanquish the D-Bros. and the Dreadtrux, and flee through a secret exit. After briefly chasing them, D-Stroy bellows to Ty and his friends that he and his brother will eventually defeat them for once and for all, and that they will take over the Crater.

Over the next several season 3 episodes, D-Stroy and D-Structs (albeit pressured), now the autocratic rulers of the Crater, terrorize the Crater and its residents. Though Ty's group attempt to overthrow the iron-fisted tyranny of the D-Bros., all of their attempts prove futile. D-Stroy abuses his power and damns the population of the Crater into a famine.

In the antepenultimate 11th episode of the third season "Lil' Dread", D-Stroy and D-Structs capture an infant Dreadtrux (after Ty's friend Ton-Ton frees it into the wild) named Lil' Dread. Though the D-Bros. realize that this Dreadtrux is not the offspring of the mother Dreadtrux they already have, they still see Lil' Dread as potential and imprison and abuse it. Ty and his Renegades try to rescue Lil' Dread, and while they were initially unsuccessful, Ton-Ton formulates a plan to free Lil' Dread, and eventually they save Lil' Dread, releasing it into the wild a second time.

In the penultimate 12th episode "Ore Hunt", both the Renegades and the D-Bros. are looking for purple ore. The D-Bros. intend to use it to feed their irate Dreadtrux, and the Renegades intend to thwart the D-Bros.' plan. The Renegades manage to transfer the ore away from the D-Bros., using Garby who eats the ore, though he cannot process it into bricks. This results in the D-Bros. and the Dreadtrux chasing Garby, with Revvit (who entered Garby's systems to fix it) accidentally leaving a piece of explosive ore in there. Eventually, the purple and explosive ores fuse and Garby is finally able to produce bricks. With the ore attracting the Dreadtrux out of the way, Ty and his friends now regain access to the Crater.

In the series finale "Ty vs. D-Structs", the Renegades comes to the Crater and once again unsuccessfully try to take out the D-Bros. More strain is being put on the D-Bros.' relation, as D-Structs is sure that D-Stroy will eventually turn traitor to him. Ty comes up with the idea of somehow allying with the Dreadtrux (which he eventually pulls off). The Renegades are spotted by the D-Bros., and the two sides culminate in a large battle. However, allies of the Renegades come to intimidate the D-Bros, outnumbering the two by a large factor, and cornering D-Stroy and D-Structs. While they are cornered, D-Stroy scorns and blames D-Structs, and calls him "weak". D-Structs, now at his breaking point, leaves and redirects Ty's mob towards D-Stroy, and they chase him to a tunnel and barricade the entrance. Afterwards, D-Stroy's fate remains unknown, but it is likely that he was killed by the Dreadtrux inside (who has now sided with Ty) as a comeuppance for his evil doings.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He abuses both a mother and baby Dreadtrux without remorse so that he can turn them into his minions.
  • He forces the entire population of the Crater into starvation so that he and his brother can turn the Crater's population against Ty and company and rule the Crater.
  • He desires to rule other areas after taking over the Crater.
  • He is significantly more bloodthirsty than his brother. While his brother is a sadistic and savage bully, he does have a few redeeming qualities, such as being progressively more friendly to Skrap-it (a henchman of D-Structs). D-Stroy, on the other hand, is absolutely vile, showing no remorse for his crimes, and not even genuinely caring about D-Structs.
    • D-Stroy is also more ambitious, wanting to see Ty and his friends obliterated, and wanting to rule the Crater and other locations. D-Structs would be fine with Ty and his allies simply going away and only wants dominion over the Crater, and was pressured into ruling it together with D-Stroy.
  • He manipulates any "allies" he has, especially his younger brother. D-Stroy is very exploitative of him, and constantly prods D-Structs to help him, much to D-Structs's demurral. In the series finale, D-Stroy eventually betrays him by derisively calling him weak, which leads to D-Structs turning on him, leading up to his presumed death.

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