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All hail the Crimson King…
~ The Crimson King.

The Crimson King is the overarching antagonist of the Stephen King mythos.

He serves as the main antagonist of Insomnia and Black House and the overarching antagonist of The Dark Tower series, specifically as the unseen overarching antagonist of The Gunslinger, Wizard and Glass, and Song of Susannah, and the main antagonist of The Dark Tower.

He is a demonic entity who seeks to remake the entire multiverse in his own sick and twisted image by destroying the Dark Tower, which would lead to the destruction of the multiverse.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • While it is stated at one point that he was born of chaos, suggesting him to be a literal incarnation of evil, the Crimson King was born from a union between Arthur Eld and a primordial entity from the Prim, the Crimson Queen. Since Randall Flagg is also a demonic hybrid and It is also a primordial entity, and both can understand human morality, it confirms that he has moral agency.
  • He is responsible for almost everything bad that happened within the entire Stephen King multiverse as he supported both Randall Flagg and John Farson, who would go on to cause multiple problems within the multiverse and fathered Mordred who ate many people.
  • He has ordered many deaths in the past, including those of children.
  • He has attempted to destroy the Dark Tower multiple times, and if he ever succeeded, the entire multiverse would end up being destroyed, which would lead to the deaths of countless people. It is stated that he would have recreated it in his own sick and chaotic image, only to end up ruling it.
  • He enslaved multiple psychic beings in the past and used them to try to destroy the Dark Tower, forcing them against their own will to attempt mass omnicide.
  • As the series continues, he continues to become more and more insane with his urges to destroy the Dark Tower. He becomes so insane, he kills everyone around him (those being of his minions and himself) by making them consume poison, just so he can become an undead abomination so he can kill the protagonists and destroy the Dark Tower and go through with his goals. This shows that the Crimson King really has no care for others and truly is obsessed only with his own sick goals.
  • He has no redeeming qualities at all and has no excuse for his actions, just being a tyrannical omnicidal maniac who is truly willing to do anything to destroy the entire multiverse, killing countless people in the process, just so he can recreate it in his twisted image.
  • Despite being an eldritch abomination, he is shown to be indeed rather intelligent on a wide level and has a malevolent personality.


  • The Crimson King and Randall Flagg are the only Pure Evil in the The Dark Tower series.
  • He was originally on the Near Pure Evil Wiki since it was widely assumed that he was Made of Evil. However, it was revealed in the tie-in comics for The Dark Tower series that the Crimson King is not Made of Evil but rather a half-demon and half-human, so he qualifies.
  • It is possible that he may be responsible for It's actions, due to their similarities of both being powerful demonic spider-like entities with control over the Deadlights. If this is confirmed, this would make the Crimson King even worse.

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