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NOTE: This page is only about his book incarnation as the film incarnation of Count Rugen was not voted Pure Evil, and thus only the novel version of Count Rugen's info and crimes should be put here.

You're that little Spanish brat I taught a lesson to. It's simply incredible. Have you been chasing me all these years only to fail now? I think that's the worst thing I ever heard of; how marvelous.
~ Count Rugen mocking Inigo before attempting to kill him.

Count Tyrone Rugen is the secondary antagonist of the 1973 novel The Princess Bride. He is the chief enforcer and torturer of Prince Humperdinck and the murderer of Inigo Montoya's father.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He tries to cheat Inigo Montoya's father, Domingo, by refusing to pay the agreed-upon price for a sword and murders him for demanding the correct price.
  • He scars Inigo's face for life, even though the latter is only 11 at the time. Though he doesn't murder or seriously injure him, this would only disqualify if not for pragmatic reasons.
  • He serves as Prince Humperdinck's chief torturer, recording his "findings" from torturing and murdering people as he's fascinated by the "science" of pain, planning to write the definitive book on the subject.
  • He develops a machine that literally sucks the life out of people.
    • He tests the Machine on a dog, murdering it.
  • He conspires with Humperdinck's plot to kill Princess Buttercup in order to start a war with Guilder.
  • He knocks Wesley unconscious and imprisons him in the Zoo of Death, where he uses the Machine to suck away a year of his life.
    • He offers Humperdinck the chance to watch him torture Wesley, as if it is a sport.
  • He stands by and does nothing while Humperdinck kills Westley by cranking the machine up to twenty, even though he half-heartedly objects to it at first.
  • He cheats in his duel with Inigo by throwing a concealed dagger into his stomach. As he's about to kill Inigo, he taunts him about murdering his father and how futile the revenge quest to which he committed his entire life has turned out.
  • When a revived Inigo overpowers him during the duel, Rugen begs for his life like a coward.

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