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I am the Lord of the Undead! The King of Wallachia! No one has ever defeated me!
~ Dracula to Leonardo.

Count Vlad Dracula, or simply Dracula, is the secondary antagonist of the Monsters arc of Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the 5th season of the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.

He is the infamous vampire in Transylvania that killed many people, and is one of the monsters recruited by Savanti Romero to take over the multiverse, but Dracula plans on taking the powers for himself.

He was voiced by Chris Sarandon.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Killed at least thousands, if not millions of people by luring them to his castle with the help of his wolves before biting them and draining them of blood, to the point where their skeletons cluttered his basement.
  • Has his werewolves bite many innocent New York citizens to brainwash him into his control and then have them bite other innocent people, including their own loved ones. This led to mass chaos in New York.
  • When the Turtles traveled back in time to ancient Transylvania, he has his werewolves attack them before biting Raph, slowly brainwashing him into his control.
  • He tries to lure the Turtles and Renet to his castle. When they were reluctant, he uses Raph to convince them.
  • Attempted to bite Esmeralda and brainwash her into his control.
  • Allows Raphael to psychologically torture his own brothers and Renet.
  • Forces Igor into taking him to Dr. Frankenstein.
  • Brainwashes Dr. Frankenstein into ordering his monster into attacking the turtles, who were his friends.
  • Tried to manipulate Frankenstein's monster to leave his father-figure, Dr. Frankenstein, to die.
  • He then brainwashes Dr. Franenstein's monster again before finally starting the rampage in New York City.
  • Tried to betray Savanti Romero and rule all of Time and Space and the 10 dimensions himself.
  • He then plans to bite the early humans so everyone can be an evil vampire servant to him. It is heavily implied to do it to everyone else in the 10 dimensions also considering those are his goals and that is how he wants to rule the world. After realizing that the Time Scepter wasn't working, he states that he will kill Savanti Romero if he didn't show him how it works.
  • When Romero sends a mummy to kill Dracula for his betrayal, Dracula kills him by turning him into dust.
    • Although he did team up with him at the end, it was more for a self serving purpose.
  • While the heinous standards are extremely high by the time he appears, to the point where he was once considered a Near Pure Evil from not being able to stand out in it despite those crimes being extremely heinous on his own, he technically does stand out for the following reasons:
    • He is more heinous than Shredder, the Rat King, Lord Dregg, Mozar & Zanmoran, 5 very important people in the heinous standards, by going more in scale on the crimes he shares with them. He can even be seen as arguably worse than Overmind since he aimed towards the 10 dimensions rather than one universe.
    • Many people have wanted to take over the 10 dimensions, such as his master, Savanti Romero, who is insufficiently heinous as we don't know how he will achieve it and all and what he will do when ruling it, Kavaxas, who is implied to do so with genocidal takeovers since that was his method of conquering Earth, and Kraang Prime, who wants to mutate everyone in the 10 dimensions to his control so he can subjugate them all. His methods are too different from Kavaxas to be compared but is very similar to Kraang Prime's, however, he still has ways to stand out amongst him as Dracula wants to turn everyone to be evil servants while Prime wants them to be empty shells to be subjugated on, which are very different from each other and still bad in different ways. Also, to do so, Dracula wants to bite everyone to succeed in his plans while Prime mutates them with the stabilized mutagen. While both are painful, after mutating with the stabilized mutagen, the pain will be eased after it is done in just in a couple of seconds, compared to Dracula's, whose bite will leave them sick for a long time until he finally is completely in control of them. That too, his method of doing so is the more systematic of them all which makes him uniquely vile also.
      • Considering that he killed thousands/millions just for pleasure to the point where many people's skeletons cluttered his basement, it is possible that he could kill thousands/millions of more people when he starts ruling the 10 dimensions. If this is the case, then this makes him one of the most fiendish character of the show, and further proves that he's worse than Overmind.
    • His method of brainwashing also is the most painful physically as explained in the previous point. It is arguably bigger considering his goal is to rule the 10 dimensions himself.
    • His many murders, compared to how they are presented when Kraang Prime, Kavaxas and Overmind do it, is presented as a serial killer rather than some terrorist, which is arguably more twisted for a kid's show. He also has a larger kill count than the latter 2, with only Kraang Prime's destruction of the Triceraton home world being bigger compared to Dracula's murders. However, this isn't a prevention as Kraang Prime has much more powerful technology than him (such as the Heart of Darkness) and his kill count is generally presented in a much more twisted way for a kid's show compared to Prime's by seeing the horrifying amount of skeletons cluttering his rather huge basement.


  • Dracula is one of the 5 Pure Evil villains in the 2012 TMNT show, along with Kraang Prime, Kavaxas, the Rat King and Overmind. He and Rat King were the only ones to have once been humans, with the rest being of non-earthly origins. He is the last Pure Evil to appear in the show.

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