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NOTE: This page is for the 1987's movie incarnation, as the original book incarnation, such as the 2014 remake's, are not voted Pure Evil, and thus only the 1987's movie incarnation of Corrine Dollanganger's info and crimes should be put here.


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When you're ready to treat me with love, I'll be back.
~ Corrine as she imprisons her children

Corrine Dollanganger is the main antagonist of the 1987 Flowers in The Attic's film adaptation.

She is a greedy, narcissistic woman who imprisons her children in her mother's attic and kills her own son and daughter so she will be the sole beneficiary of her wealthy father's estate.

In the 1987 film version, she was portrayed by Victoria Tennant.


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What Makes Her Pure Evil?

  • Killing her husband (suggested)
  • Knowingly having inbred children
  • Concocting a plan to kill her children so she can inherit her father's wealth
  • Imprisoning her children in her mother's attic
  • Allowing her mother to abuse the children
  • Poisoning her children, resulting in the deaths of her son and daughter
  • Marrying another man under false pretenses
  • Publicly disavowing her surviving children
  • Unlike in the 2014 remake and the book, where Corrine dies in a heroic sacrifice to save her children and grandchildren from John Amos, this 1987 version dies hanged by her own wedding veil when she falls off a balcony when confronted by her daughter Cathy about their crimes, without any redemption.


  • In the 2014 remake of the original film, in which Corrine is portrayed by Heather Graham, as well in the book, she redeems herself in If There Be Thorns, by sacrificing her life to save her children from John Amos in a burning shed. Therefore, the remake and book version of the character would not qualify as Pure Evil.

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