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Now then... let's slice him up with this!
~ Black preparing to severe Leo alive with a jigsaw.

Commander Black, also known as the Black Directive, is the leader of the sentient Black Star and Saucer Beasts. He is the main antagonist of the final arc (Episode 41 to 51) of Ultraman Leo, taking over the role from the long-deceased Alien Magma after a long-time absence of the main villain for the series, and a posthumous antagonist in Ultraman Mebius.

Black is a sadistic alien invader coming from the sentient Black Star and uses Saucer Beasts to invade the Earth, starting a war against Ultraman Leo. He is infamous for orchestrating the total extermination of MAC (Monster Attack Crew) through his first Saucer Beast, Silver Bloome, making him the first and so far, the only villain who successfully eliminated an Earth Defense Team in the entire Ultra Series franchise.

He was portrayed by Takeshi Obayashi.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He once commanded his first Saucer Beast, the Silver Bloome, to destroy the base of Team MAC and devoured everyone inside. It also makes him the first villain in the showa era to kill off all team members of the respective Ultraman series.
  • He then demands Silver Bloome into destroying some of Japan's cities while killing possibly thousands of people on the way, including children. This was something he shows no concern for and has zero remorse upon.
  • He is also responsible for the deaths of Momoko and Takeshi (who are Gen/Leo's dear friends), including Kaoru, the sister of Tooru (whose only a child). It also indicates he is the first villain to take the lives of an Ultraman's human friends, but also causes the tragedy of Tooru now being orphaned and alone, same with Gen/Leo who has no one left by his side.
  • He once had his third Saucer Beast, Absorba, to kill and endanger a group of children once more. But also killed off all of the animals the boy named Hideyuki had cared for, thus broke his spirit.
  • When he summoned Hungler, another one of his Saucer Beasts, had consumed and caused destruction across a highway, possibly directly or indirectly killed more innocent people.
  • During the time he summoned Black Terrina. Its shells, known as Terrina Q, devours the eyes of anyone he comes across, also killing them during the process.
  • After summoning Satan Moa, it was another heinous scenario. While causing destruction and also attempts to knock down a building that could've killed more innocents, including an old friend of Gen, whose is Akko, who had just became a mother and had a baby.
  • If the time with Satan Moa he summoned wasn't the worst scenario, it even had its long foot versions of it killed Hiroshi while he tried protecting Akko's offspring. Thus Gen/Leo loses another friend of his.
  • He then summons Nova, his most heinous Saucer Beast, that took on manipulating Tooru while doing its duty of spraying out red smoke that drives people violent into not only assaulting one another, by almost killing each other during the process across the city and streets.
  • After working with Bunyo into capturing and freezing Ultraman Leo into ice. He goes too far into mutilating him with a jigsaw, he first thought he finally killed his enemy not before Ultraman King revives him.
  • Enraged after each of his Saucer Beasts were destroyed, he summons his ultimate and powerful Kaiju, Black End, as the monster destroys nearly most of the city and possibly killed anyone in attempt.
  • When Leo was struggling, Black holds Tooru hostage with a sword on his neck if Leo dared to come close while sadistically laughing in joy as Black End is about to finish off his enemy for the sake of it. That was his downfall when Gen/Leo's former students attacked him with Tooru giving Gen/Leo the Crystal Ball to kill off both Black End and the Commander once and for all, alongside destroying his home planet, Black Star.
  • He has no Freudian Excuse or redeeming qualities for his actions. He possibly did it out of pure sadism and has absolutely no remorse for killing off those Leo had dearly loved, including children without any concern or qualms. Therefore making him the cruelest and most depraved villain in the Showa era.
  • Overall, he is responsible for all the tragedies that had occurred in Ultraman Leo.


  • He is the darkest and most vile Ultraman villain in the franchise during the Showa era.
  • There has been a contrast that the Commander Black in Ultraman Orb is not Pure Evil there. However it is questionable if this is the same Commander Black or possibly a descendant of his kind, where this one is affable and most likely redeemed after his Nova was defeated. But if the fact this Heisei incarnation is the original Commander Black from the Showa era, then he would've been disqualified as Pure Evil, though it is debated since its quite possible the Showa version has no remorse given the many people he's killed, including the dearest friends of Leo and everyone in MAC he's also murdered indirectly by his Saucer Beasts. To top it all off, he dies after Leo destroys the Crystal Ball he wields.
  • He is the only human-like Seijin of the Ultraman franchise to be Pure Evil.
  • He is the only Ultraman Pure Evil from the Showa era to have an very high bodycount onscreen, surpassing Alien Magma and Alien Babarue.

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