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Colonel Henry Favours is a supporting antagonist in Red Dead Redemption 2 serving as the main antagonist of Chapter 6. He is a corrupt colonel in the United States military and liaison to the Wapiti Tribe Reservation.

He was voiced by Malachy Cleary.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Although he was mocked by everyone due to how unsuccessful he was during the Civil War, it does nothing to excuse his actions.
  • Despite being called incompetent, he actually shows himself to be really competent during the game thanks to his actions.
  • He tried to go to war with the Wapiti Indians and slaughter them so he can be praised as a hero. To provoke them into war, he committed numerous atrocities, which include:
    • Taking away their horses, thanks to which they couldn't hunt, making them die from starvation and the harsh temperatures.
    • Kidnapping and sending their children into horrible reform schools.
    • Taking away their medication, causing many children and elderly to die.
    • Having their women taken away or assaulted, likely raping them as it's been used as a tool of war and colonization against Native Americans for centuries in real life.
    • Burning down their shrines.
  • When meeting the Wapiti Indian chief Rains Falls, he antagonized and insulted him and his people for no reason.
  • He tried to frame and hang Captain Monroe for treason.
  • He presumably ordered Eagle Flies' kidnapping so the Wapiti Indians would go to war.
  • He shoots and kills Eagle Flies and then tries to kill Arthur.
  • He posthumously succeeded in starting a war between the U.S. army and the Wapiti Indians, forcing the latter to leave America and go to Canada to avoid more deaths.


  • Colonel Henry Favours is, alongside Agustin Allende, Micah Bell and Colm O'Driscoll, one of the four Red Dead Redemption villains to be Pure Evil.
  • Despite being Pure Evil, Colonel Monroe at one point states that while Colonel Favours has a lot of flaws, callousness isn't one of them and he's more just a massive glory hound than anything else. This would make Favours a rare example of a neurotypical Pure Evil.

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