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Out here, I have NO superiors! I am in full command! You are alone here.... abandoned by your government. (Trautman: What do you want?) Cooperation! This sector has been under total control for over five years, and there is little more I can do for you. It is as you say.... without challenges. If you supply to me worthy information about more stinger missiles you're planning to deliver, it could provide a way out for us both. After all, in the end, what everyone really wants..... is peace.
~ Zaysen interrogating Trautman.

Colonel Alexei Zaysen is the main antagonist in the 1988 film Rambo III. He is a sadistic Soviet commander who runs a prison camp during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and the man responsible for the capture of Colonel Sam Trautman.

He was portrayed by the late Marc de Jonge.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Seeks to conquer Afghanistan for the Soviet Union.
  • He allowed his men to kill many Afghan children so that they would not have to face obstacles in the future.
  • He owns a prison camp, where he often sadistically tortures several prisoners in various ways, such as beating or electrocuting them.
  • He tortures Trautman into revealing where the Stinger missiles are, to the point where he nearly kills him.
  • He massacres a Mujahideen village for the purpose of killing Rambo, resulting in the death of many people, including children.
  • He shoots Hamid in the leg with the intention of killing him, even though he is just a child.
  • He orders his men to burn Trautman to death.
  • He desperately tries to kill Rambo by all means, to the point where he commits suicide in the hopes of killing him, which he fails.

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