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The time has come for the cobra to rise up and reveal himself. You will call me... COMMANDER!
~ Rex Lewis overthrowing James McCullen and becoming Cobra Commander.
You are relentless, Duke. I'll give you that much. And what's to stop me from blowing you out of the water?
~ Cobra Commander taunting Duke.

Rexford "Rex" Lewis, also known as Cobra Commander and formerly as the Doctor, is the main antagonist of the G.I. Joe film series, serving as one of the two main antagonists (along with Destro) of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and the main antagonist of G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

He was a former military scientist who became influenced by the nanomite research from M.A.R.S Industries, and thus, his thirst for knowledge gave him little regard for human life. He eventually took over M.A.R.S. and became the founder and supreme leader of the terrorist organization COBRA. He was a close friend of Conrad Hauser/Duke and brother to Ana Lewis, who later became the Baroness.

He was portrayed and voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt in The Rise Of Cobra and by Luke Bracey in Retaliation while his voice was provided by Robert Baker.



As a young man, Rexford was a genuinely good person who was loyal to his family and friends, especially to his sister Ana who looked after her younger brother as they both lost their parents when they were just children. Duke, who was a fellow soldier and his sister's fiancee, was his closest friend and was almost his brother-in-law before Rex vanished. He even gave Duke his blessing to marry Ana and once Rex "died" he was completely ashamed and guilt-ridden. Rex was extremely ambitious and intelligent something that eventually took him over and turned him on a path of villainy after meeting Dr. Mindbender and being scarred from the air strike. Although he was once a good doctor, soldier and man, Rex allowed the world, his friends and even his sister to believe that he was dead so he could selfishly experiment on his nanomite technology without any heat from the government. Rex was a textbook psychopath, shown when he shredded all of his previous nobility by using his innocent sister in his experiments for his own personal gain. He also maintained a huge grudge on Duke after what had happened to him, blaming him for his injuries and insisting that everything that happened with Ana was his fault.

As "The Doctor", Rex was a typical mad scientist type. He had no respect for any of his soldiers, seeing them as his simple tools to help carry out his wicked experiments, he appears to have an infatuation with the King Cobra deciding to use it as the mantra for his terrorist group and code name; "Cobra Commander. He did appear reasonably civil with James McCullen however this was only to prove to the world the power of the nanomites and eventually he used the same technology to put dominance over McCullen and humiliate him into servitude after taking over M.A.R.S and morphing it into COBRA, he appeared to have maintained a professional respect and fondness for Zartan and Storm Shadow however due to their efficiency and ruthlessness and the feeling appeared to be mutual as both swore loyalty to COBRA when he usurped control from McCullen (although Storm Shadow did later betray the group after learning the truth behind his master's death). He was extremely manipulative and intelligent, not only able to perfect the nanomite technology that was shown to him by a doctor but was able to weaponize them as well. Rex was ruthless, megalomaniacal and incredibly calculating. He presented an incredibly calm and stoic demeanor, however he was capable of red hot anger.


Rex was a young man with an athletic build and fair skin with short brown hair who was usually seen wearing his military uniform, after surviving the blast from an air strike was left disfigured with his face badly scarred, his hair and eyebrows burnt off while also now requiring a respiratory mask and under suit to help him breathe properly and live. He used his first mask to make himself into "The Doctor" an eccentric mad scientist who wore a black suit with a long blazer, he wore a black wig to achieve the look fully and walked with a false limp.

When he first donned his Cobra Commander persona he wore his newly designed mask; a transparent skull kike object which exposed his face and functioned in a similar way to his previous apparatus however in a much more practical sense as it was more sturdy and mobile. After being freed from prison however he ditched this mask and instead modified the one he was given when put into stasis, this mask was a solid smooth metal which covered his entire face and slotted comfortably into his under suit. He also modified the top of his mask to now have a black rim with the COBRA insignia on the top and and changed his clothing into an all black getup comprised of a black leather tailcoat with a brown interior, he added black shoulder pads and bracers to the coat as well and also wore black trousers and boots.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Experimenting on and brainwashing countless people, including his own sister in order to make her the Baroness and more soldiers from James McCullen.
  • Usurping control of M.A.R.S Industries from James McCullen and forcefully turning him into Destro and torturing him into servitude.
  • Plotting with Zartan to allow him to switch places with the president of the United States and subsequently turn the Joes into fugitives.
    • Additionally sending Firefly after the Joes to kill the vast majority of them in one battle.
  • Blowing up and destroying London in an attempt to intimidate and force loyalty from several of the world's leaders.
  • After the destruction of London, he threatens to destroy other cities until the world accepts his rule.
  • Although it was unfortunate that he lost parents when he was young, and his face was horribly disfigured after the explosion, he still far passes the excuse as he used his own sister for experiments and doing the same to Duke.

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