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You can't fight fate.
~ Clarence before stabbing Clyde.

Clarence James Darby is the overarching antagonist of the 2009 film Law Abiding Citizen.

He is a psychopathic criminal responsible for the murders of Clyde Shelton's wife and daughter, and got away with it by receiving a sentence of 3 years in jail rather than life imprisonment or death, which was the main cause why Clyde became a murderous vigilante in the first place.

He was portrayed by Christian Stolte.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Stabbing Clyde even though he was already tied up.
  • Fatally stabbing Clyde's wife before trying to rape her right in front of him, telling Ames to "shut the f*ck up" when he told him he was going way too far.
  • When he spots Clyde's daughter torturing her mother, he takes her away to rape (if his "kids like me" line is any indication) and kill her as well.
  • Framing Ames for the murders and then chuckling after finding out his execution was painful on TV a decade later, thus showing he possesses zero loyalty whatsoever.
  • Shooting at the cops while running away, even trying to needlessly execute one before discovering it to be Clyde in disguise.
  • Although his death at Clyde's hands was explicitly gruesome and painful, it's hard to sympathize with him due to how vile of a human being he was in life. Not even Nick or Sarah express much sympathy for Darby upon discovering his carcass, admitting that the world is better off without him.
  • While it certainly wasn't his intention, his actions caused Clyde Shelton to become a murderous vigilante, meaning Darby is indirectly responsible for the murders that occur throughout the rest of the film.

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